The Myth

The Creation

Bague is the Great Creative Mother of the Universe in Muisca mythology. She is the intangible, she is the thought, imagination and strength that came. In Her and in her thinking, there is everything that exists today. In the time of unquyquie nxie, when Bague thought, his thought became a work. Before this there was nothing. Thus Bague, the great grandmother created the makers and trainers of the universe and gave them the order to begin the creation of the universe.

The makers and trainers

The first gods, the builders of the universe, built the first Cuca or ceremonial temple. They were: Bachué (the one with naked breasts): the mother goddess, who rose from the underworld to give birth to the human race. Cuza (The one that is like the night): The masculine principle of creation. Chibchachum (the one who sustains the earth). The universal legislator. Bochica (the father of civilization) Nemcatacoa and his six children and the Triad of the first spirit son of Chiminigagua, consisting of Chí, Chímini and Chiminigagua.

The makers and trainers began a dance of very long duration (Sas quyhynuca), to the sound of the drum of Fo, in which it was the first Cuca or ceremonial natural sanctuary. And so they created space and time in the darkness of nothingness.
They decided to make raw material for the universe and created Fiva (the air), Faova (the cloud) and Ie (the smoke and the road). Then they created the cardinal points and then the top and bottom to give volume to the universe. Then in a vacuum they created the center of influence and power they called Tomsa (navel).
But still nothing was consistent, and many bxogonoas passed until finally the bequia arrived, the time of the beginning of the world.

Cosmogonic myths

The Beginning of the World occurs when Chimi, the Pulp, the first thing in the world. Then in the hole of Tomsa, which has the shape of a porridge, the embryos of star, earth, stone and all material things were incubated. When Tomsa was full he beat with an ana until he was at his point. Thus the seed came out of the seed of the earth and the seed of everything. The leftover crumbs were thrown into the distance and gave rise to the Milky Way.

Then the elements were distributed, the heat to Sua (Xué) - the sun -, the cold to Chia - the moon -, the clouds and the smoke to the earth. But all these things were still seed, nothing had germinated yet. Then Mnya, the glowing golden color, the energy, joined Chimi, the newly created pulp and became Chímini, the first creative force, the power of creation. And so was the beginning of the world.

The first versions of the Chibcha cosmogony coincide in affirming that for the natives or Indians "there was an author of nature, who made heaven and earth; but that is why they stopped worshiping the sun for their beauty and the moon, because they had her for his wife, they called Chia and the sun Zuhé.

The great flood

In punishment for the continuous faults against divine laws, Chibchachum produced a flood that covered the entire world and almost destroyed the human race. But then the wise god Bochica, the protector of the chibchas, raised his staff and from it emerged the rainbow and the Tequendama jump. With it the water flowed and humanity was saved. Then he taught human beings the basis of civilization, agriculture, religion, arts and crafts. When he was about to go to his celestial kingdom, the rainbow appeared Bochica and announced his second coming, far away in the future, in an event marked by death and disease.

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