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We have moved to a new external forum hosted at https://vsbattles.com

We have a new automated signup system for our wiki members, with a procedure that must be exactly followed in order to register.

For instructions regarding how to sign up or sign in to our new forum, please click here.


VS Battles Wiki
VS Battles Wiki

As you have likely noticed, our old forum has now been shut down, and the wiki been updated to use the Unified Community Platform (UCP) software.

As such, in order to survive in the long run, the VS Battles, Joke Battles, and FC/OC Battles wiki communities have migrated to a new external forum.

Here are instructions for how the members who signed up before early May 11 2020 can access their migrated accounts in the new forum:

1) Go to https://vsbattles.com/

2) Now you have to apply for password reset. You can see the login option where you will also find the option called "Forgot your password?". You should click on it.

3) It will ask for your email. Enter your email identity that was registered on Fandom before early May 11 2020.

4) An email should be sent to you containing a link (It can also go to your spam folder so be sure to check that as well). Follow the link in the email and fill in the required information to set your password. Your name and email should be exactly the same as that registered on Fandom. Your usernames will also contain underscores instead of spaces now.

5) Once you've set your password, you must have signed in for the first time. You should be able to use your name and password to login from now on.

If you are unable to log in, or get a previously used and discarded account instead, please contact AKM sama about the issue, so he can help you out but only do so if there is a problem that you are genuinely unable to handle on your own.

The members who joined after early May 11 this year will likely not have automatic accounts in the new forum, and will have to sign up with new accounts there instead.

If they have an autoconfirmed account in the VS Battles wiki, they need to follow these steps:

Note: It takes 4 days for your account in the wiki to become autoconfirmed after you have created it.

1) Initiate the registration process in the forum and pick an EXACTLY IDENTICAL USERNAME to the one that you have in this wiki. Note that if you have spaces in your username in the wiki, you must replace them with underscores in the forum. For example the username "Mr. Bambu" in this wiki would turn into "Mr._Bambu" in the external forum, but "Antvasima" will remain as it is.

2) You will be asked to verify your email address.

3) Once you have confirmed email verification, a random discord handle key is generated.

4) Follow these instructions to temporarily change your Discord field in Fandom to the above generated discord handle code.

5) Once you have done so, return to vsbattles.com and refresh the page. The discord handle key and autoconfirmed status of your wiki account will be verified. You will then be confirmed and able to post.

6) If you are not confirmed, please check all the steps and make sure you do them correctly. This message will continue to display. Feel free to contact AKM sama for help if your account isn't confirmed after one or two days.

If for some reason, picking an identical username is not possible, you should choose one that is extremely similar. For example, if somebody has the username "GravityFallsFan" here, they should sign up with the exact same username in the external forum, unless it isn't available. In that case, they can use "GravityFallsFan99", or another following number, instead. If you have picked a misleading username for the new forum, please ask AKM sama or Antvasima to change it for you.

If you get an "email/username is already in use" error message when first attempting to sign up, please follow the first set of instructions instead. It is possible that we received our user lists for an earlier or later date than early May 11 (the date that we received our discussion thread backups).

As extra precautions:


Also, take note that WE ONLY ALLOW REGISTERED WIKI MEMBERS TO SIGN UP TO OUR EXTERNAL FORUM, so do not try to sign up otherwise. You will be rejected in that case.

Also, again, please remember that the spaces in your usernames here have been changed to underscores in the new forum. You have to keep this in mind when you log in.

For example: Super Saiyan God Julian in the wiki is Super_Saiyan_God_Julian in the external forum.

After you have successfully logged in to the new forum, you should visit the following information thread, and adjust your user settings according to the instructions there:


After that, there is welcome thread to the new forum that you should read through, as the members who previously signed in or signed up have already asked quite a lot of questions that we have answered as well as we can:


Our members should also interlink their user profiles on both sites. Meaning, you should add a link to your wiki userpage on your forum userpage and vice-versa.

Here are some other important issues to take note of:

1) We only copied our old forum up to May 11 2020, and the shutdown happened on October 26 2020, so there is a big gap between the two dates.

However, in order to not lose important discussion threads, we backed up most of them to https://archive.vn, so if you look for threads with replies posted between these dates, please see our list here:


Content revision discussions that need to be continued in the new forum should be linked to in the first post of the restarted threads.

2) We also have a smaller list of backed up versus threads from this time period:


You can later link to these backups in separate threads within our new versus threads sub-forum, and link to these threads in turn within our character profile pages, so we get more visitor traffic.

We have also allowed new content revision threads again. However, in order to avoid an unmanageable flood of them, we have applied a one CRT per verse at a time rule.


Connected revisions for a certain verse can be handled in the same thread, but do not add more revisions to it after it has been started, or the threads will turn too chaotic, and nothing will get done.

We have also added a new rule regarding that all content revision edits in our profile pages should always include links to the forum discussion threads in which the revisions were accepted by our staff in the edit summary boxes, in order to greatly simplify the wiki patrolling work for our staff members.


In addition, a rule was added regarding that tags (formerly called topics) for the relevant verses and characters always need to be added to important discussion threads.

We also have a new instruction page to explain this better.

We also have a forum thread about the UCP updates to the wiki, so please mention any genuinely important concerns about these issues there, whereas this blog should strictly be used to ask questions regarding how to sign in or sign up to our external forum:


However, first please read through the archives of our preceding questions and answers information threads to see if your questions have already been answered there:

Part 1: https://archive.vn/vzhbY

Part 2: https://archive.vn/yqiCN