This is an attemp to calculate the AP from this explosion provoked by Adam Arclight (Needless). There aren't too amny refernces in the pic but the Simeon tower and some buildings, I decided to use the Simeon tower as a reference using these pages and


I don't known much about girl size, but I chose the girl from the concert and put her a height of 150 cm (more or less the height of my cousin of 16 years old), that is equal to 10px; the tower (mid) width is 308px=46,2 m.


In the next pic, the mid tower width is 231px=46,2 m, and the complete tower width is 428px=85,6 m.


For the final pic, I can't set apart very well cuz... is a mess, but I think that the scale that I used is fairly close; the tower width is 20px=85,6 m, and the explosion diameter is 502px=2148 m, so the radious is 1074 m, using this calculator, I obtained 54 kilotons (Town level).

Now, several months later, since the last calculator use Airbust (mid-air explosion) and the explosion here is at ground level, going to use the formula from here, so formula is 80.3686*10^(-6)*R^3 = 99.5634 kilotons (Town level+)

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