Bambu did it, so I need to do it aswellThis blog has the purpose to name most (not all, there's next to no limit) of the possible resistances that character (PC or NPC) from the tabletop RPG Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Take into account that this is not about that character about this serie can resist everything, but mostly about no all powers is limitless and can be resisted, although depending of the Anima power and character, it can resist 50% of the time or be completely immune.

Due to translation problems, any source from the Core Book will be in spanish to be more accurate (translation is a mess in that book). so better learn spanish before discussing about this game.

Resistance Checks

These checks represent the capability of the character to avoid any harmful effect. There's five different resistances:

  • Physic Resistance (PhR): Represent the character's endurance against physical damage and shock, main resistance for avoiding Crital Hits (PhR + 1d100 vs produced damage + 1d100), strikes that vary from simply pain to instant death. It depends of CONstitution, that measure the stamina, endurance and vitality of the character.
  • Disease Resistance (DR): Allow the character to avoid getting sick and being affected by the plague or pestilance. A difference from any Resistance Check, passing one of these do not erase the sickness, but rather simply avoid to being harmed by it, so even resisting it wouldn't make it dissapear without time or medicine. It depends of CON, and due to its simplicity, I do not need to put examples of these checks.
  • Venom Resistance (VR): Its used to avoid being poisoned. It depends of CON, and due to its simplicity, I do not need to put examples of these checks.
  • Magic Resistance (MR): Allow the character to resist the esoteric effects of magic or any supernatural effect. This is the most broad resistance, although few of these abilities cover also PhR or PsR, in which case the character can use the higher of them to resist the effects (for example, a magic trick that erase your memory can be resisted using MR or PsR). It depedns of POWer, that represent the animic or spiritual potential of the character.
  • Psyquic Resistance (PsR): Its the character's willpower to resist any psyquic assault and that affect the mind. It depends of WILlpower, that represent the mental strength, composture and tenacity of the character.

So in short: PhR = Any effect that directly affect the body, MR = Any supernatural or magical effect, and PsR = Any effect that directly goes for the mind or will. There's no need to add DR of VR.

Physic Resistances

Psychic Resistances

Magic Resistances

Presence Resistances

Some times, for some reasons, few effects to not faw under any of the previous resistance, not considered physical, mental or supernatural, those Presence Resistances. Presence (or Spiritual Presence) refer to the intrinsic worth that the entity or object has in reality, the addition of all its existential aspects. All resistances depends of Presence (MR = Presence + POWer bonus, PhR, VR and DR = Presence + CONstitution bonus, and PsR = Presence + WILlpower bonus), and Presence depends of the character's level or objects complexity, material, size, age, etc. So it means that Presence Checks works regardles of the levels of POW, CON and WIL, and since inanimate objects have Presence too, they can also resist to any effect (everyone mentioned above).

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