Mostly a joke calc, but since it got some good results...


Human vs Asgore

Average height of an adult = 1.7m = 122px

Height of Asgore = 244px = 3.4m

Soul size

Height of Asgore 267px (Crown) = 3.49m

Height of Asgore 260px (without Crown) = 3.4m

Height of Frisk = (127/260)px = 1.66m


Undertale (Pacifist) - Part 04 Papyrus-0

Undertale (Pacifist) - Part 04 Papyrus-0

7m 2s

Height of Frisk = 29px (Sprite) = 1.66m

Ice block Height = 38px = 2.175m

Ice block Width = 38px = 2.175m

Ice block Length = 15px = 0.803m

Ice block Volume = 3.8 m3

Density of Ice = 917 Kg/m3

Weight = 3484.39 kg (Class 5)

Height he lifted - 2.575m (45px)

Potential Energy - 88017.7 Joules (Wall level)


Ice Wolf Lifting Strength - Class 5

Potential Energy - Wall level

Likely scale to Royal Guards dogs since they should be superior to monsters like Ice Wolf.

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