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"Great artists are like great thieves, They both know how to steal peoples souls."
~ Lupin III (Part 5; Blue Jacket.)


Lupin III (ルパン三世, Rupan Sansei) is the grandson of Arsène Lupin, and is the world's most wanted gentleman thief.

He sometimes appears incompetent, but mostly as a charade to catch his opponents off guard. While he has been arrested and thrown in jail on a number of occasions, he has always managed to break out. He also has a fondness for fancy gadgets from time to time, such as in The Castle of Cagliostro where his belt features many small gadgets. His infatuation with women, and Fujiko Mine in particular, is perhaps his biggest weakness, as it often lands him in undesirable situations. He continues his grandfather's legacy of thievery.

Lupin is acknowledged by virtually every law agency on earth as the world's number one thief. Often in his adventures, he and his colleagues, Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII, will take it upon themselves to foil other criminals engaged in more violent crimes. While first glance may imply Lupin as fun-loving, flighty, perhaps even "goofy", his surface facade overcoats a brilliant imagination and a thorough knowledge of a hundred varying sciences. Forever extemporizing and reevaluating, Lupin has been responsible for heists no right-minded individual would believe possible. While arrested and jailed on numerous occasions, typically by his nemesis Inspector Zenigata, he has always managed to escape. He has a fondness for fancy gadgets from time to time plus hands-on experience in many skills a thief would find useful. His infatuation with Fujiko Mine is perhaps his most significant weakness, as it lands him in undesirable situations most of the time.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C and with explosives, possibly High 8-C. Higher with preparation.

Name: Arsene Lupin III, Lupin, Wolf, Hardyman, Edgar

Origin: Lupin III

Gender: Male

Age: 20s to 30s

Classification: Human, Thief

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Smelled if there were sleeping pills inside a soda. Was able to identify a specific type of wine with just smell. Can casually aim through this. Nonchalantly deflected back bullets with nothing but a frying pan while keeping his eyes on the road, To then disrepair Zenigata's car in the process. Can effortlessly track a bullet and dislodge a machine gun with his sight covered. Instantly knew when Fujiko was going to shoot before it can happen. Has shown great sense of hearing in "Part III; Episode 1." Even being capable of hearing and smelling Zenigata from a distance in "The Last Job". Is capable of noticing hidden traps. Fought ninjas despite being blinded by smoke in "The Fuma Conspiracy". Can hear the ticking of bombs while others couldn't. Can hear machinery activating before using his magnets to block them.), Limited Body Control (Lupin can manipulate his hands to get out of Zenigata's handcuffs, seemingly with no pain from doing such. Given his slim physique can fit inside cramped spaces as he fits inside a trash can compactor.), Breaking the Fourth Wall (In part 4 He winked at the audience twice. Another episode had a position where Lupin seems to be leaning while the tower of pisa looks straight, He asks the animator to turn things back to normal. TV trophes are brought up. Directly talked to the audience in episode 100, The episode was fan suggested and Lupin thanks the person who gave him the idea for episode 100.) Toon Force, (As seen here. In "Legend of the Gold of Babylon." Lupin reversed the direction of TNT by using signs.) Possible Teleportation (Seen here) Pressure Points (Can expertly knock out people this way. Should be comparable to Jigen and Goemon.), Extrasensory Perception (Was able to sense Fujiko despite her being behind an wall and without making sound in "Part III; Episode 47". Is capable of communicating with ghosts and encountered supernatural beings in "Part IV and V; Episode 11".), Magic (Lupin has many various magic skills/tricks such as making butterflies appear from nowhere when he used a disguise.), Genius Intelligence, Preparation, Acrobatics (Displayed superhuman levels of dexterity and agility during many fights and chases), Social Influencing (Can deceive entire corporations with his mastery of persuasion and is a renowned master of disguise.), Hacking (Can easily get access to a national computer. Can hack near any kind of surveillance/security system.), Limited Information Analysis (Can visualize entire sequences of events in his head, and see all the possible outcomes of stealing a diamond by using different methods.), Stealth Mastery (Capable of infiltrating the most well-guarded locations without being discovered, Being an infamously formidable escape artist capable of cracking any safe in addition in freeing himself from shackles in moments, Having also Infiltrated Area 51 despite its advanced and restricted security system in "An Angel's Tactics" And was able to successfully hide despite the capacity of PeopleLog in "Part V; Episode 23." Designs disguises as identical to the person he is trying to be, this skill being so complete that he can even fool close friends and family members of the impersonated party. His skinny body enables him to easily impersonate heavier subjects by wearing padding that's usually filled with a variety of gadgets. Can fast maneuvers with such uses as well. His disguise as Pannish in "Dead or Alive" So well that he even tricked the computer system that controls nanomachines.), Vehicular Mastery (Can utilize a vast variety of vehicles from making complex maneuvers with planes, drive motorcycles, helicopters, and even drive a car backwards), Expert Marksman (Shows grand skills in marksmanship with all kind of firearms from small arms to light weapons. He has also show great skills with melee weapons such as swords or axes. Scales to Daisuke Jigen, albeit to a lesser degree. He even manages to make complex maneuvers with Goemon's Zanetsuken.), Expert in Hand to Hand Combat (Lupin is worthy to face off combat savvy adversaries in the battle field like Goemon Ishikawa, Goemon is a Master Martial Artist being experienced with Kenjutsu, Karate, Jujutsu, Iaido, etc and Lupin has combated and stalemated him before. In the Part 5 episode "Answer me Zantetsuken" showed a monitor of actual montage of events throughout history where Lupin consistently kept up with and at one point stalemating Goemon Ishikawa, Goemon even went by far to state in the same episode Lupin could be "One of the strongest fighters in the world."), Surface Scaling (Can wallcrawl.), Limited Sound Manipulation (Shown to perfectly mimic the voice of other people.), Mind Manipulation via hypnosis

Resistance to Social Influencing (It's rare that Lupin is deceived by someone due to his ability to read people's expressions and detect lies), Pain Manipulation (Inflicted injury worthy blows to statues for a duration and was able to still stand. Is able to manipulate the dexterity of his hands with no signs of pain. In "Part 5, Episode 15." Can still keep running despite severe injury in the side. Was still fine after having a chunk of wood had inside his arm.) Empathic Manipulation (Drank a love potion and didn't feel the effects), Ice Manipulation (Survived being completely frozen), Fire Manipulation (Survived being set on fire), Limited Sleep Manipulation (Has been bitten by a striped tarantula whose venom can put its victims to sleep for 24 hours, only for wake up a few hours later), Electricity Manipulation (Survived being exposed by an electric field for a long period), Extreme Temperatures (Can easily withstand anything from a harsh desert to a snow storm), Precognition (Can turn off his mind to fight someone who can read minds in "From Russia with Love". Even used this ability to lower his intelligence in order to open a machine which requires a very low number and can snap out of this later by himself "Part V; Episode 6".), Dream Manipulation (Can wake up himself after being forced by Wataru Uraga's decipher message), Limited Radiation Manipulation (Survived being exposed to a massive amount of Uranium 238, enough to kill a man in four days in "The Hemingway Paper Mystery")

Sleep Manipulation with smoke bombs, Explosion Manipulation with various explosives, Smoke Manipulation with various gadgets and bombs, Various tracking devices, Various grappling gadgets, Energy Absorption (Made a super miniature battery which could absorb 1,000,000 volts of energy), Status Effect Inducement (Made a bullet of special medicine with an effect similar to laxative), Underwater Breathing (Type 3), Enhanced Senses with various vision goggles (night vision, infrared, x-ray and etc.), Light Manipulation with flashbangs, Flight with various vehicles (balloons, kites, gliders and etc.), Thread Manipulation (Can use strings to either trap his enemies or set traps by binding objects in the the surrounding area for then turn them into projectiles again the opponent), Technology Manipulation (Can hack and take over control security systems. Can access to security systems with the monocle. Possesses a universal smart key which can be used to get access to any cars), Magnetism Manipulation with various portatile magnets, Paralysis Inducement with paralyzing spray, Animal Manipulation with various animals (Had be show to utilize anything from a mouse to snake), Fire Manipulation with lighter and special gun, Adhesive Manipulation with sticky bomb, Information Analysis with special goggles and monocle, Sound Manipulation with micro-sized high frequency wave generator, Electricity Manipulation with mini stun gun, Hacking with monocle, Ice Manipulation with liquid nitrogen spray, possibly Time Travel with Mamo's time machine (Stole Mamo's time machine in "Is Lupin Still Burning?", but he never used it since then)

Attack Potency: At least Building level+ (Can trade blows to people comparable to him and harm characters with comparable durability like Zenigata.) And with explosives (Can create bombs of this magnitude. His explosives have consistently shown to destroy buildings and portions of skyscrapers.), possibly Large Building level (Fought Goemon Ishikawa on various occasions). Higher with preparation.

Speed: Supersonic+ (Partially out sped a fireball. Casually dodges and has nonchalantly deflected back bullets.) with at least Massively Hypersonic combat speed and reactions (Comparable to Goemon Ishikawa. Blocked multiple bullets from a Howa Type 64 being fired at him with a cooking pan at point-blank range)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 (Can freely move with a hand locked in a single bed. Easily moved a large block of wood. Moved a large statue made out of gold. Can tear the head of a robot from its body.) possibly Class 50 (Comparable to Zenigata).

Striking Strength: At least Building Class, possibly Large Building Class

Durability: At least Building level+ (Comparable to Fujiko Mine at one point knocked her out with nothing but a pillow, and Marcelo who survived an explosion which destroyed his mansion at point-blank range. Lupin Survived an explosion that destroyed a large portion of a palace. Withstood the explosion of a tank shell which destroyed both a small house and the surrounding area. Survived a violent clash which destroyed a passenger car, which was durable enough to pierce through a submarine. Should also scale to Tolfa who survived a lightning strike from cloud to ground, Lightning from cloud to ground requires 1,000,000,000 joules.), possibly Large Building level.

Stamina: Incredibly High (Can be locked in an extensive battle with Goemon Ishikawa and has stalemated him. Can still keep running despite severe lacerations to the side and has shrugged off harsher injuries from having his hand impaled by chunk of wood or burning's.)

Range: Standard melee range physically, Several meters with pistol, Higher with inventory/gadgets and Preparation.

Standard Equipment: Walther P38, watch (contains grappling hook), smoke pellets, pocket knife and many other gadgets.

Intelligence: Likely Extraordinary Genius. Lupin is a very elusively idiosyncratic, subversively mercurial thief with his incompetent nature mostly a charade to catch his opponents off guard, Being rightfully acknowledged by virtually every law agency on earth as the world's number one thief and is supported by the fact that he is the smartest man in the world possessing an IQ of 300 (Part V; Episode 6.) With an intellect defying the best computers, There being no "Impossible" In his vocabulary (Pilot Film). Shows grand variety of amazing intuition and awareness of his surroundings and possesses encyclopedic knowledge of various topics, such as history, literature, sciences, fluency in multiple languages, etc. Being adroit enough to easily detect fake paint when that even experts can't tell which what art is authentic (Part III; Episode 12), in addition in also fooling Zenigata into believing that he was dead by painting a realistic image on the floor made of spoiled foods (Part IV; Episode 13). Has outsmarted a super-computer multiple times over (Part III; Episode 23). Creates near-perfect disguises of people and can mimic their voices after only just meeting them. Lupin was able to discover that Yael Okuzaki was using a device hidden on his eye that allowed him to see the cameras in the entire city. Even though Lupin never saw Okuzaki's device, he was able to create a better one and he hacked Okuzaki's. Lupin was able to fool Zenigata into believing that he was dead by painting a realistic image on the floor made of spoiled foods. Lupin is also a formidable escape artist, capable of cracking any safe or freeing himself from shackles in moments. Solved the mystery of the Tower of Babel, when not even members of an advanced alien civilization could during thousands of years. Decrypted in one night the hidden code written in multiple languages by Wataru Uraga. Wataru is a genius scientist that was capable to create a method to implant a personification of himself inside someone's subconscious, by simply reading the previously mentioned code. Was the first people to wake up and be deemed worthy by Da Vinci, a clone of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci made up with all the greatest minds of the past (by using Wataru's knowledge), who could easily replicate Wataru Uraga's invention but on a massive scale, to the point to making everyone in Italy fall asleep, and was going to replace all those people's personalities with his own, only to fail due of Lupin. Ultimately beat Mamo in "The Mystery of Mamo", a being claimed to be thousands of years old, who had acquired the knowledge and wisdom of all geniuses, scientists and philosophers of history, and who had claimed to be behind most historical events.

Weaknesses: Lupin doesn't like to kill, but he will if he has to. Sometimes if Lupin has no information on an opponent or is not fully prepared for a fight he can at times be caught off guard.

Respect Thread.


Notable Victories:

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) Homer's Profile (Speed Equalized. Lupin was 8-C. Both had 20 minutes of prep)

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