To stop the power of hate from spreading across the world one man sacrifices himself, throwing his body into the heart of a giant battleship. However this valiant champion of love isn't one to be done in so easily, so he tanks the the resulting giant explosion unscratched, puts on his sunglasses and flies away

The Feat

There's no reference for scaling when the explosion occurs so I'm just going to assume the explosion is at least comparable to the ship's length in diameter

And how long is the ship?

Picture 1

First we will scale the purple tubes of the ship to the man, who going by averages should be 1.75 meters tall


31.04 px=1.75 meter

1 px=0.056 m

334px=18.704 meter

The tubes are 18.704 meters wide

Picture 2

Now we will scale the full length of the ship to a tube


7.21px=18.704 meter

1px=2.594 meter


The ship has a length of 381.343 meters which will be taken as the diameter of explosion. Radius will thus be 190.671 meters


Edit: DMUA gave me another formula in the comments

((radius in meters)^3)/2 = yield in grams of TNT

((190.671)^3)/2 = 3,465,963.1197408555 grams or 3.4659631197408555 tons

So Large Building level

Edit 2: Apparently I also have to divide radius by 0.28...

((190.671/0.28)^3)/2= 157,888,261.65000252824344023323615 grams

So 157.888 tons or Multi-City Block level

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