Good ol' Yarael Poof has always been one of my favorite Jedi. I meant to do this calc a few days ago but I got caught up in some work.

Statements and scans here. Ripped directly from Matt's comment.

And finally, this:

Coruscant's official diameter for those wanting to calc.

Yarael Poof managed to overpower that, if memory serves (been ages since I skimmed the comic). Plety of good planet busting statements. However, Coruscant isn't actually Earth sized. It's slightly smaller.

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Coruscant has a Diameter of 12,240 kilometers

The calculation

Method #1: Planetary parameters

Importing that diameter to, we get a result of 1.982e+32 J

47.37 Zettatons.

Small Planet level+

Method #2: Kinetic energy

Matt mentioned that it probably moved the planet. I forget the exact argument but I am a man of the people.

I have a feeling this end may be a bit controversial, but oh well.

12,240 / 2 = 6,120 km radius

(4 × pi × 6,120^3)/3 = 960,158,377,938 km^3

So 9.6015837793800002e+20 m^3

Earth has a density of 5,515.3 kg/m^3

9.6015837793800002e+20 * 5,515.3 = 5.2955615e+24 kg

Escape Velocity with these values is 11.4128 km/s, so 11,412.8 m/s

I know escape velocity isn't required to leave its orbit, but this should serve as a decent lowball nonetheless.

5.2955615e+24 * 0.5 * 11,412.8^2 = 3.4487875e+32 J

82.42 Zettatons

Planet level

Results and thoughts

  • GBE: 47.37 Zettatons
  • KE: 82.42 Zettatons

So, skimming the notes, it seems like the Shaa was said to be able to destroy planets so it was locked on Coruscant. Might mean we can slap a generic 5-B tiering on it for being capable of destroying planets of unspecified size

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