Wasn't sure what to title this. All credit goes to the original calculator, whoever he may be.

Kid Icarus Feat Calc

The Calc

Using Australia as a low end for "Continent".

4,042 km

Full Brain: 955.69 Pixels

Just the spherical bit's diameter: 525 or 2,220.5 km

Sphere Volume: 4.586e19 m^3

Iron: 7850 kg/m^3

80% Hollowness

Mass = 7.2e22 kg

U = 3G67408 x 10-11 m3 kg-s -2(m^2)/5(1 110.25) = 1.8829e32 J

45 Zettatons.

If GBE is accepted, I ca try my hands at a kinetic energy calc.

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