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This blog is mostly a test of how to do calcs of feats like this, based off the method used in EndlessMikes Red She Hulk calculation and Lina's blog on Multi-Planet level Requirements, as well as partly to satisfy my own curiosity of this arguably outlier-ish feat. I say arguably because some bombshells in Digimon Adventure Tri 4: Loss can bump the ratings for the Digimon Adventure cast by astronomical levels.

Edit: Due to recent findings, this feat may no longer be an outlier!

The Calculation

Low End

Feat can be found here. There's no direct timestamp needed since the scaling is the background, which is mostly unchanged as far as my dumb human eyes can tell.

MegaKabuterimons Theortical Destruction of Vademons Realm P1 Scaling

I will be scaling it off a distance celestial body in the background, it is only 7 PX. For the sake of a lowball, and since we don't know what it is, I will be assuming it has a diameter comparable to Earth, so 12,742 kilometers, or 12,742,000 meters

2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size in pixels/screen height in pixels))

2atan(tan(70/2)*(7/768)) = 0.731324854868 Degrees

Plugging these values into the handy Angsizing calculator yields: 998,260 Kilometers. I'll be assuming the realm is a sphere, so this will serve as the radius of the sphere.

Volume of a Sphere can be found with the following equation: (4 × pi × r3)/3

r = Radius

(4 × pi × 998,260^3)/3 = 4.1669627e+18 km^3, or 4.1669627 × 10^27 m^3

As we know, the Gravitational Binding Energy (Or: GBE) of Earth is 2.487 * 10^32 Joules

Now to find the Cross-Sectional area of the explosion. The equation for surface areas of spheres is simply: A = (Pi)(Radius^2)

(Pi)(998,260^2) = 3.1306694e+12 km^2, or 3.1306694 × 10^18 m^2

Finally, we need to find the Cross-Sectional Area of the Earth.

(Pi)(6,371^2) = 127516117.977 km^2, or 127,516,117,977,000 m^2

This will serve as the surface area of the explosive attack MegaKabuterimon performed.

Now to find the ratio of the explosive area times the area of the planet.

3.1306694e+12 / 127516117.977 = 24,551.1661558

24551.1661558 * 2.487 * 10^32 = 6.105875e+36 Joules

1,459.33914914 Yottatons. Large Planet level

High End

This end will be based off a quote in the Digimon Adventure Light Novel Digimon Adventure 2: The Eighth Chosen Child. Specifically, in Chapter 5.1: The Inquisitive Heart. The translation can be found here

Pew pew pew pew pew…

While Koushiro swam his way through the zero gravity air-space, Vadermon chased after him with the zigzag motions of a UFO, shooting at him at every chance.

Pew pew pew pew pew… The rings of light were more powerful than they looked. The stars that took on a direct hit from them burst into smithereens.

So, the novel refers to them as Stars. How curious.

Anyway, we'll have to go way back to the angsizing portion of the calc.

2atan(tan(70/2)*(7/768)) = 0.731324854868 Degrees

I'll be using the diameter of the Sun this time around. The Sun has a diameter of 1,391,400,037.2 Meters. Plugging these into the angsizing calculator yields: 109,010,000 Kilometers

That's a big explosion.

(Pi)(109,010,000^2) = 3.7332111e+16 km^2, or 3.7332111 × 10^22 m^2

Now to find the Cross-Sectional area of the Sun.

(Pi)(695700018.6^2) = 1.5205262e+18 m^2

Now to compare the ratio.

3.7332111 × 10^22 / 1.5205262e+18 = 24,552.0997928

The Gravitational Binding Energy of the Sun is 6.276x10^41 Joules

6.276x10^41 * 24552.0997928 = 1.5408898e+46 Joules.

1.5408898e+46 / 10^44 = 154 FOE. Solar System level

Final Tally

Low End: 1,459 Yottatons; Large Planet level

High End: 154 FOE; Solar System level


Even if I did do this correctly, I'm unsure if it can be used. The destruction of Vademons realm only really seemed to shake a mountainside, implying the stars are fake and/or the realm itself is really tiny. Additionally, many sources imply that even if the realm was real and full sized, that it wa destroyed because Vademon was effectively vaporized.

Then there's the fact that it's likely an outlier, though like I said, recent bombshells may upgrade the cast to far higher levels anyway.

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