Verse: Keijo!!!!!!!!

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This feat is currently listed and used as a 8-C feat in the only two profiles of this series, Nozomi Kaminashi and Kawai Hanabi, which is a big assumption as we don't see the size of the mentioned boulder in this panel.

So I'm going to calc this feat with a safe assumption for now, I will look the manga again to revise the verse in another occasion.


Keijo 1


A boulder should have a size at least of 25.6 cm in diameter, so I'll use that with the sphere volume equation.

V = 4/3 * π * r^3

V = 4/3 * π * (12.8 cm)^3 = 8784.529756 cc

E = 8784.529756 cc * 8 j/cc = 70276.23804 J

70276.23804 J - 70.27623804 KJ - Wall Level


Energy to break a boulder = 70276.23804 J - 70.27623804 KJ, 9-B - Wall Level

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