Since we don't have a source for this, I will just do it quickly myself.

One cubic centimeter of titanium would have a mass of 4.506 grams.

From that same link, it has a boiling point of 3287 Celsius, a heat of fusion of 14,500 Joules/mol, a heat of vaporization of 425,000 Joules/mol and a molar heat capacity of 25.060 J/(mol*C)

Using the molar mass of titanium (47.867 g/mol), we convert the heat of fusion, heat of vaporization and molar heat capacity to be 302.922 Joules/gram, 8878.768 Joules/gram and 0.5235 J/gram*C.

Using the specific heat equation, we find the energy change to be (assuming room temperature) = (4.506)(0.5235 J/gram*C)(3287-20) = 7706.997 Joules.

Using the latent heat equation (as linked above as well), we find the other energy change to be = (302.922 J/g)(4.506 g) + (8878.786 J/g)(4.506 g) = 41372.699 Joules

Combining the two and dividing by 1 cubic centimeter, we get a total vaporization value of 49079.7 J/cc

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