The Feat

SCP-682 dissipates a cloud in its experiment log.

SCP-682 was released in the abandoned village of █████████, Russia via airlift, and proceeded to attack the village. Coordinates were set to correspond with SCP-682's position, thus generating up to █,███ SCP-2617-A instances holding ███ unique variants of SCP-2617-B. SCP-2617-A instances attack SCP-682, destroying up to 45% of its body mass. Five hours after the beginning of termination test, SCP-682 released a series of radio waves. SCP-2617-C dissipated, and all SCP-2617-A and SCP-2617-B instances underwent spontaneous sublimation. Personnel supervising the termination test were also exposed to the radio waves. Interviews with these personnel suggest that they are unable to recognize the concept of Russia.

So what is this SCP-2617-C? From SCP-2617's article:

SCP-2617-C is a nimbus cloud formed over the designated site, precipitating ice crystals. The precipitation of ice crystals is utilized by SCP-2617-A and SCP-2617-B for regeneration, using them to repair broken portions. These ice crystals are also used as 'ammunition' for SCP-2617-B instances that possess a gun component.

The Process

Since we don't get any numbers I'll assume it's a standard cumulonimbus cloud. According to, nimbus clouds can reach up to 6 miles (9656m), with their bases also reaching 6 miles across. According to the Wikipedia page on cumulonimbus clouds, the bottom of the cloud forms from approximately 200m to 4000m.

So the cloud could be assumed to be 5656m (9565-4000m) high, with a base 9656m across, assuming this is the diameter, the radius would hence be 4828m, and the area of the base would be 73229217m^2, combined with the height of 5656m from earlier, gives us a total volume of 414184451352m^3. Using the standard of clouds being 1.003kg/m^3, that gives the cloud a weight of 415427004706kg.

Velocity, according to Bambu, should be moving the radius of the cloud over 10 seconds, so 482.8m/s

Plugging that into kinetic energy:



The Result

Giving a final result of 4.817153e16 Joules, or around the bottom end of 7-B, City Level.

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