Immortality (Type 8) Superman's own death now views him as the embodiment of hope As long as hope exists, Superman will exist. Even when hope burns away, Superman will still exist

Abstract Existence (Type 3 and 2) Superman is the physical embodiment of america truth and justice


  • The Time Trapper has tried many times to erase Superman and his influence on the timeline from history, but he's always failed
  • He consistently can exist in places beyond space and time

Enhanced Senses additons

Nigh-Omnipresent Throughout Metropolis

Absorption additions

Reactive Evolution 

Antimatter Manipulation Superman's Heat Vision can accelerate the creation of virtual particles

Cosmic Manipulation Can create miniature supernovae

Attack Reflection: Reflect Darkseid Omega Beam's with his Heat Vision

Electrio-Magnetic Manipulation and Aura additons

Instinctive Reaction: While fighting Imperiex probes alongside Doomsday, he achieved a primal state unhindered by thoughts or emotions where fighting became second nature and time held no factor determining how long he could fight

Portal Creation and BFR

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Superman acknowledges the reader's 

Causality Manipulation

  • Due to being a Kryptonian God descended from Rao, he should be able to create, shape, and manipulate the concepts of action and reaction.

Chaos Manipulation: The Kryptonian God Rao shaped the universe and many concepts from pure chaos, and Kryptonian Gods that are descendent's from him inherited his “spark” and can use his abilities

Chi Manipulation: Can utilise the life-force of the universe when using Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Va

Conceptual Manipulation

Creation: Superman can create psychic realms while in the Theta State

Immortality Negation (Type 3 and 4)  

Information Analysis addition:

Information Manipulation: Can utilise theelectromagnetic field to revert Swamp Thing from his energy form , which is pure information, data, and fractal geometry

Invulnerability: Stated to be invulnerable

Law Manipulaiton: Superman should be able to create, shape, and manipulate the laws of nature and causality due to being a Kryptonian God descended from Rao

Magma Manipulation: Superman punched the ground in Smallville, making magma come out of the ground straight from Hell.


Limited Mind and Memory Manipulation: Superman taps into Amalak mind and memories  after he tries to read his memories

Life Manipulation: Superman made plant's grow on Apokolips

Plot Manipulation: Superman can perform the Retcon Punch, which can rewrite continuity and retcon people to the point where they were never written

Reactive Evolution: Upon going to the bleed, Superman developed into 4-D eyes

Non-Physical Interaction additions Can use his Super Breath to blow away Zantana in her astral for

Technpathy:  Can access the Internet with his mind


Energy Absorption: Superman Blue has better energy absorption than Parasite

Forcefield Creation: As Superman Blue, can generate forcefield's

Healing: As Superman Blue, Can heal his wound's

Weather Manipulation (Quantum Level): Superman One Million can control cosmic weather's at a quantum level .



Reality Warping additons: Supermaman undid the effects of Emperor Joker's actions with his manifest will and faith.

Magic: Superman reverses Etrigan's magic with his willpower and conviction

Ice Manipulation: Superman casually broke out of Cythonna's ice

Energy and Power Absorption:

  • Completely unaffected by Parasite's absorption power as Superman Blue. And even after he spent a really long time trying it, he just resist's it

Gravity Manipulation: Superman was consumed by a black hole that consumes the universe and he prevails

Chaos Manipulation: Superman resisted Osiris's touch that is stated to bringchaos, hatred, death, and despair

Darkness Manipulation: Superman broke out of Eclipso's darkness

Disease Manipulation: Superman can cure diseases within himself by letting the life-force of the universe flow through him.

Fear Manipulation: Superman would be unaffected by a crystal that brings out the primal fear within someone

Hellfire Manipulation: Can withstand Etrigan demonic flame's 

Holy Manipulation: Superman Blue can withstand the scouring light of heaven

Precognition and Information Analysis: Lex Luthor is incapable of analysing Superman when making anti-Superman technology, claiming he is far too unpredictable and difficult to control

Information Manipulation: Superman resisted the Hollow Menridding him of reason

Memory Manipulation: Counter Amalak trying to read his memories

Perception Manipulation: Superman is capable of resisting Doctor Psycho's telepathy , which causes people's perceptions to be warped throughout infinite possibilities

Petrificaiton: Superman resists Blaze's ability to bring out one's darkness to turn them to stone

Plot Manipulation: Retconn Corporations is incapable of making narrative adjustments to the story of Superman

Power Nullification: Superman resisted the Hollow Men from taking away his powers, emotions, colour, willpower, energy, life-force, dreams, and imagination

Quantum Manipulation: Superman can withstand Monarch's quantum power

Sealing: Superman resisted the effect of the Source Wall, which seals even the Highfather, Darkseid, and Perpetua.

Sleep Manipulation: Superman resists Utopian's sleep-inducing technology

Sound Manipulation: Superman built up an immunity to Banshee's scream , which induces death, disrupts the etheric fibers of the soul, and induces deafening

Text Manipulation: Superman defeated the Hollow Men despite the ending being written in their favour

Transmutation: Superman resisted several magical attempts of being transmuted into salt.

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