Hello!, Moshimoshi. I'm VenomElite, but you can call me Venom, Ventus (my real name), Ven, Veno, Venny, etc. I'm a discussion moderator and blogger on this wiki who makes blogs to explain our higher tier verses. I am also a consultant for the higher tiers of our Tiering System, so if you need me in the forums, give me a message.

About Me


I am an active member of the Vs. Battles Wiki Community, while my wife is always in chat, I'm making blogs for our verses, or editing pages. You can also find me in chat as well. I am the bureaucrat of the Kanza Collection Wiki which is a database for my novel saga entitled the "Kanza Collection". You can also read up on that on FC/OC Vs Battles wiki. I am a philosophy-addicted novelist and artist. Therefore I love writing and the beauty of art and my daily mornings are primarily spent writing and drawing, painting, and animating, all while I'm still here on VSB due to da powa of multitasking. Besides from my life on Wikia, I enjoy playing video games (from the Commodore 64, to the Playstation 4), wasting my time on DeviantArt and diving into the world of Vs. Battles.

One thing you should know about me is that I am writer. There, I like writing very long in-depth explanations and flowery descriptions. Additionally, I go all out on my character profiles and verses and provide the most in depth explanations for even powers and abilities. It's almost non-negotiable to tell me to cut them down, I make them just right ^_^. If you need help writing exposition of any kind on the site then feel free to message me. I even work on verses I don't know. Just supply me with enough information and I will write you the best explanation I possibly can. Again, seriously, if you need help with anything, come and find me.

Another thing you show know about me, is that I am the legal guardian of my two youngest sisters (Momo and Yeul), I am normally quite busy. While that should not discourage you from talking to me as I am always able to talk and help out with anything, just be mindful of that.

Favorite Verses

These are my favorite series and those I am very knowledgeable about.

  • Tri Anthology
  • Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni
  • Rose Gun Days
  • Aselia the Eternal
  • Seinarukana (Spirit of Eternity Sword)
  • Silverio Series

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