aka Kisaragi-chan,Migume,Megumi,and Stack

  • I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Future best mangaka
  • I am 90% Female 10% Male

About Me

Hello there, my name is Veloxt1r0kore, but i have a more name, Kisaragi Megumi, wish people call me with that.Already graduated from my school, now resting for a while until ready to get an job, university and experience. My experience about the media is good, but don't expect me have a good analyzing because i have head problem (mean that i always seems forgetful). Douzou Yoroshiku onegaisimasu!!


Since in the road to your future self nothing, not one thing, is decided. But, Isn't this what makes it fun? Let's take that important first step. Even without the map I was handed, I shall break open the future with these hand. It's not “Tomorrow will come”, but rather “I'll go”. To a future I've chosen myself, right?
~ Route Sphere by Gumi

Our heart draws in the dream, together as lover...until the time call us
~ Random Maki x Nico Shipper quote

~ Dante/Maki

D8BokwTW4AAzVtT.jpg large
Our love was a tragedy, but in same time....our love are warm in the snowy season
~ Random Sigurd x Brynhildr shipper quote

D03VInRVsAEUC30.jpg large
Peace and love from best neko yuri husbando! >;3
~ Rin Hoshizora

My Fave/Neutra/Against Verse

Alright folks, this is list of my favorite verse i like and follow here.

1. Nasuverse (especially Fate series,now following the game FGO. Actually at first i don't care too much with this verse until i watch F/SN 2006 version,and then i got hooked and man, this verse is cool! with their unique concept, etc, i feel in love with this verse)

2.Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Best modern Mahou shoujo genre and the deconstruction of the genre itself, currently follow all of the spin-off. Get attracted with this verse after downloading a PMMM main cast wallpaper, then watching the series and god, this series is good,very good, and fyi its one of two animes i watch after becoming anime fans aside One Piece, thanks Kanade and your anime)

3.One Piece (My childhood anime, until now i still following this. Now i'm more interested with the manga since manga > anime, but i still watch the anime too)

4.Dragon Ball series (nuff said, same as OP but older, that time i dunno what animes is but man this series are crazy, unfortunately the fanbase are kind of hardcore and toxic sometime)

5.Akame Ga Kill!! (Following the manga, follow anime too just for the voice. I have a love-hate relationship with this verse so yeah....but the love-hate relationship is not that bad, the series is awesome in general but it's lacking the potential, doesn't mention seinen is more fitting than shonen)

6.Aim For the Top! Gunbuster!! (First anime mecha i watch, Nono is best imouto, nuff said)

7.Gundam series (especially for the original timeline,the other i like is 00, Iron Blooded Orphan, and Gundam Build)

8. Vocaloid (First fandom i join (oh memories~), the music is good,character is good,and their fanfic is so much,this verse is the verse who make me want to make a stories, OC, and even becoming the mangaka)

9.Touhou series (2nd fandom i join and my most beloved fandom, really Touhou is really wonderful, same with Vocaloid,this verse make me want to make OC and stories, and i borrowed their reference)

10.Kamen Rider franchise (Know well most of them, and don't look it as child show, most of the show have complex story)

11.Godzilla series (Tokusatsu that make me interested, know this when i'm still 4 years old, one of the most fave movie is Godzilla vs Destoroyah, that shit make me terrified af when i'm still child, now currently following this verse)

12.Ultraman series (still follow this, good as family show. And surprised they are so strong af)

13.Re;Creators (Probaly best original anime here, and its have OP character that can match Reinhard-sama....)

14.Youjo Senki (Hail Tanya!!! That's the main purpose of this series, everything is good about this anime)

15.Overlord (I like the concept, an really good isekai, but uncomfortable about the whole matches due how busted they are in debate especially Ainz >_>)

16.Shingeki no Kyojin (Didn't know that its complex shonen story, i like it)

17.Symphogear series (underrated mahou shoujo series that have some good story and music)

18.Date A Live (Probably a harem series who i really enjoy so far (i usually dislike harem genre), the story is fun and refreshing, the character is also lovely too)

19.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (First mecha series to watch after a while and first anime to open my eyes that Goku is not the strongest anime character in whole anime)

20.Re:Zero (Another good isekai series, story is really good but unfortunately the fandom can be a a** to face)

21.Jojo Bizzare adventure (Another best shonen manga here, get interested after witnessing SC, the series is as the tittle say, bizzare and great)

22.Medaka Box (Great Series, thought the fanboy ruin it with their wank, and now the current states of MB is poor)

23.RWBY (At first i'm neutral with this series, but when i have a chance to watch oh boi, thing go hella fast, i really like this series now)

24.Katekyo Hitman Reborn (An forgotten Shonen Series, u nderrated but the story is cool, and the character is lovely too,wish the series can continue)

25.Sailor Moon series (Probably a series who hook me to the Magical Series and one of animes who i don't thinking its anime aside Dragon Ball, Hamtaro, Doraemon, Shincan, and Precure. Thought in my country a men who collect this merch will get labeled as weird,it's worth it. The story,character,lore,etc it's so cool)

26.Yuki Yuna series (Bootleg Madoka in good way, nuff said. Other Magical Girl anime who tryin t be Madoka Magica are either hitor miss, YYY in other hand make a really good job for executing it)

27.Masadaverse (love Dies Irae, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, and Senshikan series. Know this verse after know this site,haxed af and sometime i saw this verse unbeatable, thought now my thought slowly faded out thanks for Dark Schneider vs Wolfgang Schreiber)

28.Demonbane series  (A series who i know due of internet, the first "i thought this verse is unbeatable" thought, now everything change)

29.Yume Nikki

30.Bleach (A another shonen series, great and fun, thought the quality is dropping hard in the climax. This verse also get hit so much by a wave)

31.Kantai Collection (A ship girl series with so much waifu inside, i love this franchise thought the fandom make me feels so hurt after Interprit incident, now almost meet it end of golden era due of Azure Lane popularity)

32.Arpeggio of Blue Steel (Same with KC, but instead it's a walking tsar bomber ship)

33.Elsword (a.k.a a chaos game. This game is so chaotic, the character are cool, and the lore is wow..just wow)

34.Boboiboy (Favorite cartoons, everything is good and funny from the character and the stories)

35.GranBlue Fantasy (Thanks for FGO i got this franchise after searching another mobile game, the grinding are b**** in this game but overral? Nice franchise, can wait for GBFV and Re-Link)

36.Fire Emblem (Get interested with this verse lately, i say this verse is good, with so much waifu (Especially Tharja~!!#Slapped))

37.Tales Series (Same with FE, thought tbf i already like this verse long ago but then get uninterested, fortunately i got interested again. The series itself is so good and most of the character are lovely)

38.Under Night In-Birth (One of the great fighting game, but underrated unlike BB and GG. Music, character, and the setting is cool)

39.BlazBlue (Said to be GG successor, the trope about this game is bit hit and miss but i like it so much, the story is confusing af but still gonna learn it, the combat? FAST. AND. CHAOTIC.)

40.Guilty Gear (This game is rock! That's my thought about this fighting game, everything is good and rock, even the MC is rock! ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!)

41.Shin Megami Tensei and Persona (Verse) (Hooked to this franchise 2 years ago, i say this franchise is bit....controversy to me, but still awesome, the characters too, are good)

42. Darksiders Series (Underrated action-adventure game, its fun tho the latest series seems less impactful)

43.Monster Hunter (This game is so fun, i love it, and surprised that they are so strong)

44.Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Another Magical Girl series who make feel get deeper in MG series, aside SM and PMMM, MGLN is the pillar of MG genre, all of the series is good expect Force)

45.Gungrave series (Man this game is so fun and stylish, become a skilled gunslinger and kick their a**!!)

46.Devil May Cry (Verse) (My favorite game from child until now, at first this game is so hard af, but now i'm better and skilled enough)

47.Senran Kagura (I usually didn't too like ecchi series expect this, a fun series with so much waifu)

48.Xenoblade (Simple, thanks for Xenoblade 2,i got hooked with this series, all of them have great waifu of course, and have a good stories too)

49.Street Fighter (My very first fighting game i play, so far i still like it, even with SFVE)

50.Sora No Otoshimono (Just interested with this series lately, and i must say this series is so good, everything is so lovely)

51.My Hero Academia (The shonen series who i say different with the other usual shonen series, about the MC, setting, and plot, so far i like it)

52.Digimon (Well,another childhood anime i know, the world setting and the characters are cool, and when i discover this verse is so haxed, i shocked af)

53.God of War (The first adult game i play,the game is good and fun, the latest game holy smoke its GOTY in 2018)

54.Pokémon (I like this series when i'm child, and then like and even love this series after i re-interested with Pokemon recently, many impact i got from Pokemon on this wiki and the Pokemon are attractive yay!!

55.Tokyo Ghoul (The first anime who introduce me further onto edgy stuff lel)

56.Castlevania (Know this franchise thanks for Lord of Shadow, so far i really love it, the setting,the character, it's so cool, and another verse who make me surprised because how strong they are)

57.Mario Bros (The first game ever i play in my life,oh nostalgia~. Seeing they have lot's of hax is surprised me,also the character is fun there,the game is also refreshing too^^)

58.Sonic the Hedgehog (The Universe) (Same with Mario,expect i didn't follow this series well aside watching Sonic X and play the first game)

59.Soul Calibur (This fighting game are fun to play, the series kind of underrated from what i hear but otherwise this series are good)

60.Mortal Kombat (Bloody as shit, fun to play, its MK after all so you can't deny how fun this game be)

61.Yu-Gi-Oh! (My favorite card game in my childhood. The anime is good, also i always make a strange rule when play YGO with my irl friend sometime XD)

62.Marvel Cinematic Universe (Interested thanks for Incredible Hulk, all of the movie is awesome, thought some of the characters are hit and miss, still like it)

63.Super Robot Wars (Boya....this franchise is mecha fans wet dream comes true! I freaking love the stuff there, from the OG series with their awesome character and mecha, interaction with the crossover character, etc)

64.Super Smash Bros.

65.Pretty Cure (One of animes i watch when i was young considered it as cartoons, not animes. The whole series are fun, not so known as Sailor Moon or Madoka but this series is fun nonetheless)

66. Love Live series (I know,not VSBW related but hey,still my fave franchise. The series is so lovely and awesome, but sadly the fans is....hardcore)

67. Idolm@ster (Just know this franchise after know LL several minutes later, i say this one is good for idol life stories,same with LL this franchise has a hardcore fans)

68.Magical Girl Raising Project

69.Violet Evergarden (The great anime i watch, the whole story is noice and Violet is so pure~!)

70.Tower of God (First Korean work i interested in first place, i say the stories are good, concept is nice, characters are good too)

71.What a Beautiful Series

72.Akuma no Riddle (The actual series who make me get hooked deep to yuri, the character is good, story is bit eh but still can enjoy it)

73.Gintama (I really love this series, all of the gag, comedy, idiocity, etc that are stupid can make you laughed so much, but when it goes serious you can feel how great, intimidating, and epic it is)

74.Nanatsu no Taizai (a.k.a a better FT, not interested at first because the MC are bit perv, but sooner i got like this series)

75.To Aru Majutsu No Index (At first i don't like this series/franchise at the start as anime lover, but everything change when i got forced to watch it,and so on i become like it, all of the concept and story is unique and somehow awesome)

76. Kill la Kill (After giving it a chance i gotta admit....hey its not that bad fanservice! Aside that everything is so good)

77. Arcana Heart (Probably the most underrated Japanese fighting game there, the gameplay are really fun, the characters are noice (The loli are uncomfortable brrr....expect Minori), and the stories quite funny to say)

78. Zombie Land Saga (The only idols anime series who can joining here (IM@S can because Makoto, but no one make her page yet), the characters are good, story is nice, and its zombie girls with idols, how you can resist it!?)

79. Gridman Series (The known franchise from Tsuburaya Production aside Ultraman, and its got an anime series which is really good and mind-blowing in the end)

80. Nisekoi (The funny thing is i just found it here in morning, thanks Tsugumi. I love it despite the lack of potential and how toxic the fanbase is)

81. K-ON!! (Another series who are not here i know, but it still worth to mentioning it. The foundation of moe tropes we got until now, the characters, story, and music are good~)

82. Nippon Ichi (Well i'm just interested with this franchise years ago but kind of ignore it, now that i'm re-interested and its good game like Disgaea and Yomawari, sadly the company are in danger right now, #prayfornipponichi)

83. Warhammer 40K (I'm amazed how insane this franchise in lore, aside that not interested with the game because i'm lore sucker lel)

84. NiER (Oh boi how i gotta start? The gameplay in first NiER is not bad tbh, Automata in other hand are solid, but they sharing one thing: The Amazing Story, pretty much get Madoka'd after playing that two game, depressed af for several days)

85. Drakengard Series (Yoko Taro is not human, how he can make such a crazy-weird-good story like that? The latest game is not bad in gameplay-wise tho)

86. Night In Azure (Underrated games to say, it has two games, gameplay is alright, story is good, the amount of yuri is hell yeah)

87. GARO series (Adult Tokusatsu series, and its really good overall, the CGI are godlike in terms of Japan CGI)

88. Odin Sphere (One of underrated (maybe?) JRPG games, the gameplay is fun, the characters they are nice to say)

89. Dragon Crown (Another one of underrated JRPG games, same as above expect holy shit Sorceress and Amazon man.....its "big")

90. Silverio (Just hooked to this series, gotta admit its decent VN which i like it)

91. Angel Beats! (The first anime.....who make me go deeper into animes stream, how nostalgia it is....the story, the characters man....and the final episode kill me in the coffin, how good this anime)

92. Inuyasha (Maybe the first anime who introduce me into animes, another nostalgia....really like it man...Inuyasha x Kagome always make me really "greget" everytime)

93. Umineko no Naku Koro ni (By far the most complicated shit, insane and awesome VN and the most well known aside Muv-Luv, Girsaia no Kajitsu, Clannad, and Rewritte. Its hard to say but the characters are hilarious and fun, story as i said earlier, complicated-insane-awesome)

94. Lucky Star! (The 3rd anime who make me learn about animes and weeb thing, The whole story are simple but fun to watch)

95. Death Note (The 1st anime who make me learn about anime, but i can't keep it since the story are too complicated to follow when i was young)

96. Law of Ueki ( The 2nd anime who make me learn about animes, the story are fun to follow, the characters are good that even one of them are memorable to me until now)

97. Mirai Nikki (The animes who introduce me into Yandere and the type of dere, this anime quite fun to say, the characters are kind of hit and miss tbh but aside that its fun)

More verse will be added soon,stay tuned!!

1.Naruto (The Universe) (To be fair,i like this series,but seeing all of the problem this verse have,the popularity stupidity,the wank,etc make me feels hesitant to like Naruto anymore)

2.Undertale (The verse is good,the character is good,the stories good,the music is good too,but what the reasons i'm hesitant to like it more it's because how overstimating this verse,doesn't mention how toxic the Undertale fandom is,this is the reason why i'm neutral with Undertale)

3.Sword Art Online (I have a love-hate relationship with SAO,but unlike AgK who i have love-hate relationship because AgK is awesome but the potential is lacking,i have love-hate relationship with SAO because how poor the story is,doesn't mentioned Kirito who basically a mary sue,and the whole harem thing also make me feels hesistant,and the worst part? Sugou Nobuyuki. I hear Project Aliz-whateveritnameis are good,so i gotta give this verse a chance)

4.High School DxD (I kinda like it,but the too much ecchi trope,the harem thing,and the stories make me can't like it more)

5.Hunter x Hunter (The hiatus, the blog where the guy wank HxH as strongest anime verse, etc just make me feels hesitant to like it)

6.Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Simple: Tatsuya. I didn't have any problem with Incest but Tatsuya as mary sue make me didn't like it,but i can say he's cool and the stories are cool too,only Tatsuya act there who make me uninterested)

7.Code Geass (Well,an anime who maybe too overpraised can make you annoyed,right? That's happen to Code Geass,at same time Lelouch wank is really annoying af,but now the wank are dying)

8.Fullmetal Alchemist (Same with Code Geass,overpraised,but not too much)

9. Charlotte (Not good as Angel Beats but not bad either)

10. Trinity Seven (Same with DxD)

1. Fairy Tail (Definition of a really bland Shonen Manga/Anime, and Nakama Bullshit. The only character i really care of is Ultear Milkovich, aside that everyone can go to trash can)

2. Bayformers Series (To me its ruining the premise of Transformer LA movies, it has potential in the debut but now? Just bland-ish explosion movies)

3. Guilty Crown (Just because its has drama who can make you cry doesn't mean its good show, that's my conclusion after watching GC. Blaaaaand everywhere, music is the only pros on this show)


My Favorite Character

This is my favorite character list!^^

My Best Thread

This is my best match/general discussion/thread thread list.

My Gang/Friend

  • Primaris Brian (my very first friend i got here,he's funny and kind,now he's too busy with his script.Ane kangen sama ente,Harian-maksud ane Jim)
  • Homu Sweet Homu (Brutally called Homucida,Homulicia,or Hormon for once,but his true name Homu is probally my best friend here thought he love to bullying me :v)
  • Dat Dot (Another my best friend here,brutally becoming the main object of bullying by Homu or me,he's too kind and innocent)
  • The Causality or Dodonova02 (Good friend of me,thought frustated his waifu need a win (read: Usagi) :v #plzsparemeDodon:"v)
  • RKGenki (Another good friend i have and i must say he's cute user i meet here #Nani!?)
  • ALRF (Or called ALFYN,another good friend here,he's bizzare and he***i but awesome)
  • SchroKatze (My best friend i got and probally with more deepest relationship,very nice and good guy)
  • Theglassman12 (Another my best friend here,he basically an tsundere user who always slap me because he's caring me,yeah tsundere :v)
  • Shadowbokunohero (Naughty~,that's best sentence for him,good friend and funny but always turn my thread becoming misconception XD)
  • TISSG7Redgrave (Or Nisan (Nisan is indonesian sentence for tombstone) due of his associated with grave,good guy tought have an error with his own language)
  • RebubleUselet (Thought not too much i chat with him he's become my friend,good guy thought bit fanatic with DMC :v)
  • Kaltias (Called Karuchi,good guy and pretty much didn't wanna his waifu (read: Mami) spammed too much :v)
  • Arrogant Schmuck (Good friend of me,also as Senran Kagura supporter we need work harder for make this verse take an attention so much)
  • Andika CL atmadja (Never know he's here because i know him from local game review website,another good friend and he pretty much very interested with cosmonology)
  • DarkDragonMedeus (Another my friend here and as Pyra fans (and waifu owner :v),he's polite and kind)
  • The Everlasting (Good friend of me,also really like RP so much (the xxx RP too -laugh maniacly-),and supported so much verse i support too)
  • Matthew Schroeder (Pretty much people ask how you can befriend with this kaiju#hammered,simple people,happy go lucky and always open with the other,and i must say he's funny and kind)
  • Saikou The Lewd King (Saikou-chan,brutally becoming my RP girlfriend (and NTR'ed Fillflourine),(s)he's kind and fun,thought (s)he's too lewd :v)
  • AKM sama (My friend as lewd supporters :v,he's good guy but his likeness with lewd is OVER 9000#Slapped)
  • Ovy7 (New best friend i got,and he have same hobby with me,make an story thought i'm more in comic while he's novelist)
  • Reinhardthrowhisspear (An japanese user i friended and he's funny and bizzare i say)
  • CynicalWeeaboo (Thought not meet him too much he already become my friend,i know him alot as silent reader in WWW reddit,you can call me his fans or even stalker :v)
  • Xanxussama1010 (Another my new good friend,not too much we chat but what i see he's kind and good guy)
  • Just a Random Butler (Another good friend,he's strange in good way,hilarious and funny but he's kind)
  • Andytrenom (New good friend i got,also as K-ON!! Supporter,high five!)
  • Graf Thorsdottir (Another my good friend i think is cute,and knowing he supporting Doraemon make me feel happy)
  • Newendigo (Another my good friend here,pretty much i say he's good guy)
  • Smolice (Or Elione-Arisu,i really want to befriend her went i'm still new here,she's cute,kind and kawaii~!!)
  • First Witch (Another tsundere user i meet,but with more extreme#slashed,anyway he's bizzare but funny)
  • Mr.Cutlery (Another my good friend here,and we're recognize each other as Ultraman fans and supporter)
  • Arianrhod The Sept-Terrion Eternal (Blegh,what a name,anyway my new friend i got,another typical good and funny guy)
  • Iapitus The Impaler (Another my friend here,like the other expect he's an nice Medaka Box debaters)
  • FateAlbane (Another my good friend here,famous to be an Meme very good debaters with her wall of text. "Her"? Yeah,Fate-chan is female)
  • Js250476 (Another my friend here,cheerful guy with some soft attitude)
  • Sir Ovens (My new friend here,and the Boboiboy supporters i meet here)
  • Hst master (New friend i got,an Excentrict Broly :v,oke aside he's an good guy)
  • Arekusuripa (My other friend here and also an fellow Nagai and Ishikawa expert here which i glad to meet)
  • ENDRS (Or can be called END of the world,another my new friend here,he's an good person)
  • Drite77 (The latest friend i got in 2019 lel, we got along so well as Pokemons supporter and hopefully Transformers supporters)

The user i need to be-friended with: Jobbo

That's all folks about my gang,another one will incoming~~

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