Hello, I'm Theglassman12, I'm a user in this wiki (obviously) and enjoys plenty of aspects of this wiki. That's all. If you need me to answer any questions that regards towards any of the verses I support, I'll try to answer them if I can. If I can't, just ask the other supporter of that verse for a better answer.

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Profiles and Verses

  • Tales Series (My favorite franchise of all time. The characters, story, gameplay, music. All just click so well with these games, with Abyss being my all time favorite game and Luke being my favorite ever.)
  • Xenoblade (Played the first one, and thought it was good, but I don't think it's as amazing as everyone else on the internet says it is. Though Reyn time is hardly a bad time if you get down to it.)
  • BlazBlue (Possibly my favorite fighting game franchise. The story can be really stupid and nonsensical plenty of times, but it's self awareness, fun gag reels, and addicting fighting, as well as some god tier music, makes it really hard for me to harp on the series too much.)
  • Metroid (Metroid Prime holds a special place in my heart. I've played most of the games, and I'm knowledgeable enough to answer questions regarding the games).
  • Fire Emblem (It's up there with metroid as my favorite Nintendo franchises, from the characters of Path of Radiance [the best game in the series btw], to the complexity of Geneology [At least the first half], this franchise is something worth checking out, especially if you like challenging Strategy RPGs.)
  • Castlevania (SOTN is one of my favorite games of all time. I haven't played most of the games, but I enjoyed what I've played nonetheless.)
  • Dead Space (Enjoy the first 2 games, and the mobile game. 3 was alright, and wished that this series would continue, but EA had something to say about that........)
  • Dragon Ball (Same reason as pretty much, ANY other fan of dragon ball in this site.)
  • NieR: Automata (The gameplay, the music, and the story; on top of some scary topics that this game tackles, make this game a one of a kind.)
  • Touhou Project (Only played the first few games, but enjoyed it.....even though they can make me lose some of my hair. Love the music.)
  • Supernatural (Love the humor, characters, and just about everything about the show.)
  • Devil May Cry (A hack and slash series starring a half demon, half human goofball that fights demons with electric guitars, motorcycle chainsaws, a weaponized briefcase AND eats pizzas while skateboarding on demons? SIGN ME THE HELL UP!!!)
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn (One of the first animes I saw when I got into anime. It is admittedly a shame it got rushed when it did.)
  • Breath of Fire (Only played the first two games so far, and thought they were alright. Though I heard that the PlayStation games are better, so I'm just hoping that they deliver.)
  • Borderlands (Love the looting, the comedy, and the characters in these games.)
  • Golden Sun (The first game I've ever played. Enjoyed the first game, have yet to play the 2nd and 3rd game.)
  • Baten Kaitos (A pretty underrated Card Based JRPG that I'd recommend to anyone who wants something fresh for their turn based games. though I'd also recommend it cause the voice acting is atrocious, like, even worse than Resident Evil. )
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (My favorite anime series of all time.)

  • The Legend of Zelda (Enjoys the games [Some of them], but find them to be very overrated.)
  • Mario Bros (Played a few games, and just finds the series to be alright.)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Same as Mario.)
  • Pokémon (Don't really give that much of a shit for this series as it feels the same throughout the game with some of the most bare bones gameplay I've seen in a RPG.)
  • Fate/stay night (The premise is interesting at paper, but a lot of things with the show just makes it hard for me to enjoy it.)
  • Fate/Zero (Enjoyed it, though I felt like the moments in this prequel felt like it was forgotten during the original show and UBW.)
  • Harry Potter (Everything Pre-Cursed Child is good, everything else is shit.)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (The first Avatar I enjoy a lot, and that's the only part of Avatar that I will consider canon.)
  • Naruto (Enjoyed the original series, even with a lot of hiccups along the road. Everything else I don't care for.)
  • Bleach (One of the first anime series I've watched when I got into anime. But also one of the most annoying ones to watch/read given a lot of issues with the series.)

Note: Credit and ownership of any sort of fanart shown here goes to their original creators.

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