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And enjoy this image:

The whole legend of zelda 25.jpg

And feel their despair in this image:


But in all seriousness...

Hi. I'm The real cal howard. Well, technically, that's not my real name, but for all intents and purposes, it is. You can call me TRCH, Cal, Real, Howard, etc. as long as it falls under those four words. I like to screen-write and I'm a huge fan of the Kirby series. I enjoy this wiki a lot, and I'm into R&B along with Hip Hop and Rap. I'm in college now, so I might be a little less active.

Kirby the warrior of stars by xxkaijuking91xx-d48lz88.png

My edits! They're over 9000!!! WAYYY over 9000...

My favorite pages

My dislikes

  • I/O
  • Demonbane (Verse)
  • Light novels as a whole. Exception being Konosuba.

My mixed pages

  • Touhou Project (Don't get me wrong. I actually like the series. It just seems like it tries too hard to be OP in every category. Not to mention that it's more wanked than Dragon Ball)

Pages I created

No longer accurate, as I lost track long ago...

Pikapikpi.pngBsmoke.pngKrak.png9ef.pngMidd.pngUnd.pngEvol.pngThant.pngCpur.pngApo.png Adamco.pngTaptap.pngDmat.pngG o o.pngJir.pngCeleb.pngDragk.pngLuco.pngGgo.pngBwd.pngPdragonite.pngKjo.pngRde.pngDok.pngStrea.pngMegma.png Rapi.pngDodo.pngGolbb.pngManap.pngDcat.pngRegi.pngSplint.pngShay.png9t.pngMelo.pngPid.pngMilot.pngAboma.pngRpt.pngCynth.pngFrognos.png Iris.png Ayl.png Marl.pngLuc-1.pngRob o.png Ded-0.png Shadow NightmaresMarr.png Hitmo.pngLeemon.png Topmon.pngKingl.pngArca.png Wail.png Momk.pngManaa.png Kabb.png Rampa.png Fera.pngTyp.png Sah.pngMiyau.png Camer.pngBast.png Eri k.pngMis.pngKroo.pngGir.png Lor.pngBar.pngDalh.pngPalm.png Halbb.png Sus.pngAna-0.pngAmor-0.png Skjqef .png Vee.pngAmors.pngRneg.png Wpao.png Hatta.pngExpe.pngMcs.png 4four.pngDsto.pngSusb.pngTheom.png Nin10do.png Wallp.pngChow.pngTigg.png Hecka.png Zeq.png Sala.pngSalasala.png Salasalasala.png Oie oie trim image (1).pngOie oie trim image (2).png

My accomplishments/Proudest Moments

  • Making Lavos into the monster he is today.
  • Helping destroy Composite Godzilla wank.
  • Making Mewtwo have crazy powerful and versatile hax, as well as upgrading him. And Mew.
  • Giving Kirby a lot of hax, and especially speed
  • Reviving Pokémon non-Legendary profiles. With a vengeance.
  • Destroyed Pokémon downplay.
  • Organized how non-Legendary Pokémon scale.
  • Making Sub-Rel Pokémon a thing...for final form Pokémon, along with MHS+ 2nd form.
  • Made Tier 7 normal Pokemon a thing (hopefully, soon to be tier 6)
  • Started upgrades for Superman's speed, and calculating his 4-B feat.
  • Upgrading Darkrai...massively. And by proxy, the other gods.
  • Made Arceus a major threat, even more than he already was.
  • Became close friends with people who on paper, gave Pokémon vs matches a lot of heat (jk. Love ya, Matt and Dragon ovo :3).
  • Made Link hax af, with Tier 4 power.
  • Became staff, and eventually a calc group member and an admin.
  • Got noticed by Azzy-sempai.
  • Coming up with this hypothetical speed feat
  • Gave Princess Zelda a tier. And a good one at that.
  • Made Kirby's fodder solo the HST.
  • Managed to like Digimon, despite...circumstances ovo.
  • Managed to become a Dragon Ball supporter.
  • Popularized the tradition of making every tenth DBS Discussion Thread have Roman Numerals rather than measly numbers.
  • Helped downgrade 4-A DBZ (I may like it now on a VSBW level, but wank is still upsetting).
  • Having Arceus beat Sailor Moon (any win is a good win).
  • Gave a bunch of hax to Master and Craxy Hand.
  • Severely sped up the Mario Bros. verse. By a ton.