The Causality

aka Dodo

  • I live in Paris
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male

Hello everyone, I'm Dodo, a fan of anime, manga and comics  I do not know what to say Lol

Statut: Inactive


Accepted Calculation

Tier Level Description Energy in Joules Ton equivalent Verse
8-C Building Tohka fragment a building 5,1E+9 Joules 1 Ton  Date A Live
8-A Multi-City Block Cranberry Make a Crater 1,4E+12 Joules 382 Ton Magical Girl Raising Project
8-A Multi-City Block Oriagmi and Tohka's Clash 6,4E+12 Joules 624 Ton Date A Live
7-C Town Tohka cut a hill 4,4E+13 Joules 10 Kiloton Date A Live
High 7-C Large Town Kid Disperce Cloud 1.0E+15 Joules 230 Kiloton Soul Eater
7-B City Diane's Chibaku tensei 3.0E+17 Joules 71 Megaton Nanatsu no Taizai
7-A Mountain Diablo make a crater 1.0E+18 Joules 239 Megaton Isekai Maou
7-A Mountain Sailor Mars Destroy a Dimension 1.3E+18 Joules 310 Megaton Sailor Moon (Universe)
7-A Mountain Kunzite wipe Tokyo 1.7E+18 Joules 406 Megaton Sailor Moon (Universe)
7-A Mountain Shido and Tohka Splits Clouds 2.1E+18 Joules 501 Megaton Date A Live
7-A Mountain Hitsugaya Tensou Juurin 2.7E+18 Joules 645 Megaton


6-C Island Kaguya and yuzuru create a Storm 9.3E+19 Joules 22 Gigaton Date A Live
6-C Island Crona Envelop a city 1.0E+20 Joules 25 Gigaton Soul Eater
6-C Island Inverse Toka Bust a mountain 3,4E+20 Joules 81 Gigaton Date A Live
High 6-C Large Island Toshiro Stops a Falling City 1,2E+21 Joules 289 Gigaton Bleach
Low 6-B Small Country Naruto and Killer bee make a Gigantic Bijuudama 1,4E+22 Joules 3 Teraton Naruto (The Universe)
High 6-B Large Country Etherion Destroy Countries 9,6E+23 Joules 229 Teraton Fairy Tail
High 6-A Multi-Continent Juubi Tenpenchii 1,9E+25 Joules 4,7 Petaton Naruto (The Universe)
High 6-A Multi-Continent Tetsuo make a large hole in the moon 4,5E+25 Joules 10 Petaton Akira (verse)
Low 4-C Small Star Marisa's Spell Effect 2.0E+40 Joules 4 Tenatons Touhou Project
High 4-C Large Star The Silver Crystal blow a Star 2.0E+40 Joules 4 Tenatons Sailor Moon (Universe)
4-B Solar System Iczer's Hypernova 1.8E+57 Joules 18 Terafoe Iczer
4-A Multi-Solar System Ajimu Blow up a Star 2.9E+57 Joules 27 Terafoe Medaka Box

Profile I've Created/Handled

Rinne uniforme
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