aka Superray06

  • I live in Peach's Castle
  • My occupation is Telling people the princess is in another castle
  • I am Toad

Hello! I'm a fan of this wiki!

My favorite Verses

Mario Bros

  • Fun and my first games!


  • Fun RPG!

Plague Inc.

  • Great stratagy game!

Slime Rancher

  • Cute and fun!
    Saber slime

    my pet Jimmy!

The Simpsons

  • Hilarious show! 

Paper Mario

  • Some of the best written characters ever!

A Hat in Time

  • The characters are amazing!

The Real World

  • I used to live there before entering the Mario Verse!


  • Fun Tactical game!


  • I like it!

Scp foundation

  • Very interesting to read!
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