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Howdy everyone! My name is Starter Pack, an aspiring versus debater and hopeful contributor to this wiki. Whenever I'm on here, I'm either checking the spelling or facts behind some of the profiles, working on some undercover projects for both here and elsewhere, and participating in versus debates. Some of my favorite universes that are on VSBW include, in no particular order:

Pages I Plan To Add


  • Tomodachi X Monster: A three-part visual novel series written by Yoshihiko Inui, which centers on a young boy named Wataru who discovers a small creature only he can see called a Friend. And soon afterward, he finds out that other kids have Friends like him and battle each others' monsters, with the loser ending up dead.

This series actually has some pretty powerful feats behind it, with the most powerful forms of monsters leveling portions of cities without trying very hard. And luckily, this series features a rough guide to how powerful these monsters are compared to each other, which is perfect for scaling purposes. This series is also filled to the brim with haxes, including Transmutation, Death Manipulation, Acid Manipulation and Time Manipulation. Overall, a pretty solid verse.

  • The Unnaturals: A two-part book series written by Devon Hughes (not to be confused with the other series titled The Unnaturals written by Jessica Meigs), centered around a group of genetically altered animals called "The Unnaturals," who battle in a gladiatorial ring for the amusement of people. The majority of the plot is centered around several different characters who all share a common goal of trying to end the games once and for all, if for slightly different reasons.

To be honest, in terms of pure power, this is not a very strong verse. At best, the most powerful characters in this series, the Unnaturals themselves, are just barely above their Real World counterparts. In terms of hax, again, this series is fairly lacking. However, a couple of the characters are capable of Flight, like Castor and Kozmo, and due to the genetics of spiders, snakes and scorpions being used, Poison Manipulation is also seen in characters like Deja and Pookie.

  • So I'm A Spider, So What?: An ongoing manga series which will soon receive an anime adaptation. It features a girl who wakes up in an RPG-like world, rebirthed as one of the weakest enemies a normal adventurer could find, a spider. The girl, who now calls herself Kumoko, must survive in a harsh, unrelenting world which favors the strong, and hopefully manage to find a way back to her former life.

With one calc already having been done for the verse, it is at least Wall level to begin with. However, this was only done for the beginning of the series, and AP for the rest of the series, as well as the overall speed of the verse, still needs to be figured out. There is also a lot of hax and resistances thereof, as the RPG elements of the verse are laid on thick. There's also the possibility of the entire world being a simulation and Kumoko having limited access to manipulating the world, but either the series hasn't gotten to the reveal of that yet, or I haven't read far enough into it to be certain.



  • Castor "The Underdog"
  • Kozmo "K0-7M0"
  • Enza "The Fierce"
  • Jazlyn "The Swift"
  • Samken "The ..." (Will edit the title in once I get the chance...)
  • Moss "The ..." (Will edit the title in once I get the chance...)
  • Deja "The Cunning"
  • Rainner "The ..."(Will edit the title in once I get the chance...)
  • Laringo "The Invincible"
  • Pookie the Poisonous

Five Nights At Freddy's

  • The cast of Sister Location, including:
    • Bidybabs
    • Bonnet
    • Yenndo
    • Funtime Lolbit
  • The cast of The Twisted Ones, including:
    • Twisted Foxy? (Due to him not really having any feats, it's questionable if he should be counted.
  • The cast of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator/Ultimate Custom Night, including:
    • Pigpatch
    • Ned Fred
    • Orville Elephant
    • Rockstar Bonnie
    • Rockstar Chica
    • Helpy
    • Trash & The Gang
    • Music Man


Yura of the Demon Hair (I have the calcs for her. I just need to get off my butt and make the actual profile.)

Pages I've Added

Lilo & Stitch



Five Nights At Freddy's

Mega Man

Sonic the Hedgehog


SCP Foundation



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