Long-Term Status: Active, no school until at least June

Short-Term Status: Meh. Has an online exam in a week.


Hi, I'm Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan, also called AMU. I am a calc group member here. People on this wiki often call me Spin, Spino or S75DF due to my name being too fucking long. I found this wiki after watching a YouTube video that promotes this website.

Feel free to message me on my wall if you have a calc request, evaluation request, something about a verse I am knowledgeable about, to troll me, to bother me, to annoy me, to kill me or whatever.

To-Do List

  • Real world revisions (procrastinating)
  • Star Wars Revisions (in progress)
  • Iron Man Revisions/Classic Characters Profile Creation (probably scrapped)
  • Living Laser (eh not really important)
  • DC street tiers speed and lifting strength (wait)
  • Captain America lifting strength (not that important, wait)
  • Ghost Rider stuff
  • MCU High 7-Cs (cal)
  • MCU street tiers revision (wait for after cal's revision)
  • DC street tiers revision (wait)
  • DCEU revisions (working on it)
  • Original Superman revision (idk kinda ded lmao)
  • "Canon" values vs our standards/math
  • Supergirl revisions (I think it's going on?)
  • Mando cleanup

Calc-related stuff

Calculations I am familiar with

  • Storm Calcs
  • Kinetic Energy Calcs
  • Projectile Dodging Calcs
  • Lightning Dodging Calcs
  • Laser Dodging Calcs
  • Frozen perception/dilated time Calcs
  • Explosion Speed Calcs
  • Explosion Yield Calcs
  • Basic Destruction Calcs
  • Changing the temperature of something calcs (heat capacity calcs)
  • Angsizing
  • GPE Calcs
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Mass-Energy Conversion (Simple enough, LOL)

Calculations I have limited knowledge, but still know how to calc

  • Black Hole Calcs
  • GBE Calcs
  • Celestial Body Calcs in general (except Kinetic Energy ones)
  • Earthquake Calcs

Calculators I use


Verses I like

Verses I'm Neutral

Verses I dislike

Verses I'm familiar with

Favourite Characters

Characters I dislike

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