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- Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Including most spin-offs, and some fan-fic) (Is my most favorite series)

- Dragon Ball (Including Z,Gt, Super, and Victory Mission)

- Kill la Kill

- Gurren Lagann

- Marvel Zombies

- Most Spiderman/Symbiote stories

- Superman Red Son (Graphic Novel and the Little Animation)

- Superman Kingdom Come

- The Adventures of Golden Age Superman (Cartoon mainly)

- The Injustice Comics

- Evil Dead/Army of Darkness

- The Charlie Brown Comic Strips

- Magic Tree House

- The Kane Chronicles

- Dante's Divine Comedy

- Paradise Lost

- Lord of the Flies

- Goethe's Faust Part i and ii

- Pokemon Adventures

- The Walking Dead (Comic, TV show, and the spin-off games)

- Metroid (Everything except Other M, and extremely recommends the Prime trilogy)

- The Legend of Zelda

- Super Mario-Kun

- Sword Art Online (Understands that it has mediocre plot construction and character development but for some reason loves it)

- Jojo's Bizarre Adventures

- The Andy Griffith Show

- The Protomen version of Megaman

My Notes:
  • Misc.
    • Mifuyu has Illusion Creation (Chapter 7, Part 8), and Mind Manipulation/Memory Manipulation Negation (Chapter 7, Part 8)
    • Nemu can create Rumors, but it leaves her crippled for a while. (Chapter 7, Part 17) She has Clairvoyance/Precognition (Chapter 7, Part 18) She also has the ability to negate other magical girls' Telepathy (Chapter 9, Part Iroha) She can also augment the Rumors (Chapter 9, Part Iroha).
    • The Rumor of the Eternal Sakura is the reason why Yachiyo could fight off Holy Mami. Power Bestowal with kilometers of range (Chapter 9, Part Iroha)
    • The very building that is the base of the Wings of Magius negates magic. Power Nullification (Chapter 9, Part Sana) The Base is actually the the warped space of the Work Bear Rumor.
  • Oriko Magica:
    • In Oriko Magica Vol. 2, Kyoko defeats a witch whose' barrier houses a city, according to Kyoko, this was only one of the outer shells. The Witch, however, is also notably powerful, as it managed to rip off all of Kyoko's arms and legs. Also, note that Yuma's magic healed them back. The witch is Cecil, Witch of Taste.
    • Weirdly, witches can enter Kirika's/Oriko's little space.
    • Homura can create other kinds of forcefields, one capable of damaging things it comes in contact with. (OM Vol 2, chapter 5)
    • Yuma's Healing is vectorless, and uses shockwaves as her main attacks. (OM)
  • Chapter 10 (Magia Record):
  • Kyoko's/Felicia's Training:
    • Mitama's Soul Gem Adjusting affects Lifting Strength too (Felicia says she feels significantly more light)
    • Felicia is > Kyoko in attack, and at least comparable in speed. (One-shots a witch that Kyoko was significantly struggling with.)
    • Also minor mentioning of Kyoko's and Mami's friendship in Different Story, just some neat consistency.
  • Tsuruno and the twins' training:
    • Mitama has soul recovery potions (?) Might be from Corbeau's book or from the previous adjuster's abilities.
  • See You Tomorrow:
    • Blue girl has Resurrection and Memory Manipulation.
    • Red girl's mind manip resis negs memory manip
    • Green girl has Astral Proj/Soul Manip
      • Kyubey really can't feel anything
  • Ultimate Madoka:

Law Manipulation (Destruction and Recreation; When Madoka was stating her wish, she mentioned that she rewrite and destroy any laws that are in her way. Specifically, several laws including causality itself.) 1:50

I mentioned in her Memoria tab that she would logically have every possible memoria out there, but I would like to see if there are any disagreements first.

Anyways, the list of (passive) memoria include stuff such as Charm, Stun, Bind, Poison, Burn, Curse, Fog, Darkness, Dazzle, Skill Seal, Magia Seal (Not passive in-game yet), MP Damage (Not passive in game yet).

In Vsbattles terms, it's a lot more abilities than it seems by name alone, Bind for example being a combination of Paralysis Inducement, Power Nullification, and Regeneration Negation.

  • Lifting Strength:

Most profiles are just unknown in this regard, however, I'd like to change that:

0: At least Regular Human (Homura Akemi can lift a row of RPG-7s and place them down with relative ease. Has used an FN Minimi with two belt cartridges equipped at the same time.) Possibly Class 1 (Melissa's father, La Hire, is capable of dual-wielding 0.3 ton hammers despite being a regular human. Magical girls should be physically stronger than regular humans such as him.)

1-2.5: Class 5 (Ayame Mikuri, a reasonably regular magical girl, mentioned she's capable of lifting cars in potential competition with Felicia. Kako Natsume also takes this seriously and attempts to stop them from causing damage to the city).

3+: At least Class 10 (Felicia's hammer weighs several tons alone, who regularily is considered a fairly strong magical girl albeit still inferior to Kamihama girls such as Yachiyo Nanami.)

?: Class 50 (Felicia in a berserker state [Unlocked only when facing witches] becomes significantly stronger, and her hammer actually expands in size by several tons as well. [Unknown who to scale to.] I just know she's stronger than Kyoko in this form (One-shotted a witch that she was struggling with).

Lifting Strength is also proven to correlate with the Strength tiering, as shown in the Kyoko & Felicia training (Just Felicia in the US version), where Felicia mentions she feels significantly lighter.


The PMHT profiles don't fit the Composite rules, so I would like de-composition them and just separate different timelines by tabs instead.

Kazumi Subaru's stats should be heavily updated from Another Daze. Her Rumor duplicate is capable of walking through attacks from Umika and Karou's Magia attack only made her flinch. The combined efforts of Yachiyo Nanami, the Help Group Magical Girls, and Tsuruno could only stall her out. Ultimately they had to reawaken Kazumi in order to be the doppelganger, who managed to one-shot with her Magia attack alongside Umika and Karou (But as mentioned before, they were barely any help). I'd say "At least 7-B".

The Rumor of Substitute Street is highly implied to have some weird Mind Manipulation that is somehow related to geometry, specifically a "9th direction" which leads to the space between reality and something else. Not sure what to say about it.

Sasara one shot empowered witches upon becoming a magical girl, even without amplification.

Btw some stuff I've gotten from the EN release of Magia Record:

  • Patricia has Body Puppetry over her familiars, her Absorption also melts people.
  • Sandbox Witch familiars have Surface Scaling
  • Seance Tablet Rumor has BFR via teleportation.
  • Friendship Ending Padlock has some kind of BFR inside Friendship Breaking Staircase.
  • Commoner's Horse Rumor somehow made it the Bewitching hour (Twilight), I'm guessing its an outlier since that's probably a tier 5 feat unless we consider it some weird non-combat applicable Time Manipulation. Whatever we decide on.

Magia Record (Manga; which I'm guessing will be counted as secondary canon?):

  • Sandbox Witch has Intangibility (Elemental; Iroha described her attack's effect on her as "shooting into sand"), Statistics Reduction (Her wind was consistently reducing the Attack Potency of Iroha).
  • Yachiyo and Iroha (When using Strada Futuro) have Non-Physical Interaction (Killed the sandbox witch).
  • Baby Kyubey used Kyubey's Telepathy/Memory Manipulation to remind Iroha of Ui.
  • Natsuki's cheerleading is op, moemura 3 scans pls.
  • General Magia Record:
    • Summer Kyoko (Add Doppel)
      • Calc her Doppel attack.
    • Fuse the Amane Twins profiles
    • Doppels out for Tart girls.
    • Make Akira profile for Skalt
    • Add Holy Alina to Alina
    • Add Final Battle Ver. for Yachiyo and Iroha
General Updates:
  • Main Series: Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko, Nagisa, Wraith, False Madoka (Done)
  • Main Series Antagonists: Walpurgis Nacht, Elly, Patrica (Done)
  • Puella Magi Homura Tamura: To be deleted, Tamura is to be reworked.
  • Puella Magi Tart Magica: Done
  • Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Done
  • Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: Umika, Karou. (Kazumi and Kanna need profiles of all the other Kazumi girls.)
  • Magia Record: Mayu, Iroha, Yachiyo, Ren
  • Puella Magi Suzune Magica:
  • Portable:
  • Crossover Characters: Done

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