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- Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Including most spin-offs, and some fan-fic) (Is my most favorite series)

- Dragon Ball (Including Z,Gt, Super, and Victory Mission)

- Kill la Kill

- Gurren Lagann

- Marvel Zombies

- Most Spiderman/Symbiote stories

- Superman Red Son (Graphic Novel and the Little Animation)

- Superman Kingdom Come

- The Adventures of Golden Age Superman (Cartoon mainly)

- The Injustice Comics

- Evil Dead/Army of Darkness

- The Charlie Brown Comic Strips

- Magic Tree House

- The Kane Chronicles

- Dante's Divine Comedy

- Paradise Lost

- Lord of the Flies

- Goethe's Faust Part i and ii

- Pokemon Adventures

- The Walking Dead (Comic, TV show, and the spin-off games)

- Metroid (Everything except Other M, and extremely recommends the Prime trilogy)

- The Legend of Zelda

- Super Mario-Kun

- Sword Art Online (Understands that it has mediocre plot construction and character development but for some reason loves it)

- Jojo's Bizarre Adventures

- The Andy Griffith Show

- The Protomen version of Megaman

My Notes:

Memory Curator:

Puella Magi Mega Revision Thread:

Calcable Stuffs:

Sayaka Miki deflecting easily dozens of Holy Mami's musket bullets.

Mami's Tiro Finale going nuclear.

Holy Mami being crushed by a massive slab of concrete.

So I think I wanna calc a feat in the "A La Carte Valentine" event:

Basically a barrier is destroyed, but in doing so created an earthquake that managed to destroy a building in the outside world. The witches' familiars were enough in number to tire out Madoka Kaname, so its safe to assume the barrier is probably on the larger side of the spectrum. Fortunately for the girls, the real world was unaffected by the quake, except for said building.

So now I ask what to rank it as:

7 because it because it was capable of demolishing a building? (Kinda unrealistic since buildings in Japan are meant to resist earthquakes anyways)

8 because it destroyed a building almost entirely, likely resistant to earthquakes?

9 because it destroyed the barrier in the process? (Too much of a stretch for me personally.)

I'm thinking about just putting it as 7.5 as a sort of mid-ball. It would also scale to Kako and  Kanoko (defended their chocolates of fate from the hoards of familiars, but were eventually defeated) which is consistent with the ratings we already have.

Magia Record (Anime)

Iroha Tamaki:

  • Island level with Thread Manipulation (Capable of protecting Sayaka Miki from Holy Mami's bullet hell. Also shown capable of knocking around Holy Mami, however, she take no damage from the thrashing).
  • Feats:
    • Capable of killing the Memory Curator Uwasa with her own abilities.

Doppels seem to also be summonable to an extent, on demand.

Holy Mami:

  • Abilities: Instinctive Reaction (Shown that her own body will dodge or block attacks that she has no way of being aware of), Homing Attack (Every single bullet released is capable of homing down and changing directions depending on where the enemy is), possible Resistance to Causality Manipulation (Entirely unaffected by Doppel Campanella's tail).
  • Feats:
    • A single Tiro Finale from Holy Mami is capable of destroying and deflecting hundreds of Yachiyo Nanami's tridents.
    • A stray Tiro Finale is capable of producing a blast comparable to a nuclear explosion.

General Uwasa:

  • At least Average Intelligence (Rumor Girls are shown capable of human speech and manipulation, in episode 13 of the anime, one is even shown driving Touka through the city).
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures: AI-Chan is seen unaffected by the colds of the artics and the heat of lava.
    • (Technically wrong section)

General Puella Magi:

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures: Kanae and Sana are shown impervious to extreme heat (Kanae in her final fight and Sana alongside AI-Chan), the latter also shown resisting extreme cold.

Sayaka Miki:

  • Standard Equipment: Fire Hydrant
  • Feats:
    • Capable of deflecting bullets from Holy Mami, who notably drowned the Memory Muesum within a bullet hell.
    • Deflected a Tiro Finale from Holy Mami straight on.
      • In the middle of deflecting the Tiro Finale, Sayaka Miki had her left arm completely destroyed and managed to reform in less than a second.

Alina Gray:

  • Extrasensory Perception gets boosted (Can detect what occurs outside of her barriers, such as AI's betrayal of the Wings of Magius)
  • Homing Attack (Can curve her own beams of light against her enemies
  • Corruption (Her Doppel's paint warped and transformed AI into a feral Uwasa state). Does not need to have her soul gem corrupted to Doppel transform.

Magia Record (Event Stories)

Ultimate Madoka: Upgrade to Omniscience within the World of the Wraiths (Nagisa's story event shows that Ultimate Madoka does in fact know every memory a magical girl would have as well, so now there is really nothing left for her to know), Nigh-Omniscience otherwise (As shown by Rebellion and Magia Record, her knowledge is slightly restricted, leading to her almost being captured by Kyubey, having her powers stolen by Homura Akemi, and unable to determine the outcome of the MagiReco universe [Essentially she can no longer account for free-will]).

Homura Akemi (Magia Record) & Homura Akemi (Wraith Arc): At least Multiversal+ range with Telepathy (Both Homura Akemi(s) are connected to each other thanks to the Mirror Witch being a singularity connecting to other worlds, allowing them to share memories [Or Memoria in this case] and the ability to Doppel Witch transform).

Magia Record (Main Story)

The Wings of Magius & Kyubey &... Isabeau de Bavière?: So Chapter 10's second episode explains that the original Wings of Magius (Touka, Ui, & Nemu) all have their powers directly derived from Kyubey. Which then scales to Isabeau de Bavière as well. These abilities include:

General Witch Abilities:

General Magical Girl Abilities:

Profile Creation:
Previous ThreadFocus of this thread: Finally paying attention to the spin-offs again. Though honestly, when the only revisions left to do is the physiology and lifting strength ones, we really don't have to worry about this as much.
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