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Playtime's over. Devourer, Soul Vanish. Swallow their soul and wipe them from existence!.
~ Gordeau

- Hey there, I'm Sixo Bullets. I'd prefer if you just refer to me as Sixo or Bygone, I don't really care. Anyway, glad to see you here on the wiki with me. I personally am a big fan of versus debating, but I find the most joy in finding new feats which buff characters I like. The excitement is riveting. Otherwise, I like to play some games, read novels, or watch shows and movies. Usually though, games and manga are my preferred media. As for genres, I enjoy horror, action, and slice of life. All of them take skill and descriptive precision, and the products from them all tend to be enjoyable and very fun, regardless of the media. However, I do think horror games, manga, and novels probably take the trophy for the most immersive of the bunch.

- On the topic of games, it should be noted that Adventure/Dungeon-Based, JRPG, and MetroidVania styled games are amazing. Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Metroid are all really great franchises. Those out of the bunch also specifically have really distinct and amazing music, which is also important to me and what can make a game or series good.

- Other than liking this site for powerscaling and getting feats for my favorite verses, the people here are usually nice and you can find yourself in a lot of nice conversations out of verses threads, and it's very easy to become friends with others who support your verses. If you're willing to talk to them, anyway..

- As for my activity, I usually am active and will attempt to respond as fast as I can.

Supported Verses

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - A classic. I go way back with Jojo's, it's a great series and it has a deep place in my heart.
  • Mazinger Z - Mazinger Z is the OG mecha series, and what a great way to start off. I especially love ZERO and the Kaiser OVA.
  • Wolfs Rain - Beautiful series. Beautiful music. Watch/read it.
  • Cowboy Bebop- Love it for the same reason as WR.
  • Tokyo Ghoul - I've had a history with this one. Watched it a while back, read some of the manga, and recently picked it up again. The manga is great and >>> the anime.
  • Kagerou Project - Love this series soooo much. Music, plot, and characters are lovely.
  • Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro - Fun slice of life that raises my spirits.
  • Petals of Reincarnation - I love this manga. The action and the plot is great, and the idea is well executed and fun.
  • The Isolator - I liked this one a whole lot when I read it. The way it fleshes out its villains is incredible.
  • InuYasha - One of my first manga. I read this a bit back and I loooveed it, still arguably my favorite manga or anime. It's stupidly good.

  • Mario Bros - Idrc if it's not stupid strong, the games are fun and I love them. The end.
  • The Legend of Zelda - Fucking god Zelda is fantastic. Whether it's Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, or A Link to the Past, I love the games and their story. Fun and intriguing.
  • Metroid - Metroid is also amazing. Really interesting use of the platformer type and the music is so good I cannot stress that enough.
  • Final Fantasy - I love FF too. Great music, gameplay, and the stories are fun and a massive journey. Oh and, Lightning is best girl.
  • Pokémon - A big part of my childhood. Love the music and the gameplay, a great way to connect with people.
  • Digimon - Guess I'll put this here. Digimon is also a big part of my childhood and I really enjoy the anime, manga, games, etc. Overall amazing.
  • Silent Hill - An amazing horror experience. It's a classic series and the story, characters, and gameplay are all incredible (usually).
  • Crysis - One of my favorite and only favorite shooters. Interesting story, gameplay, and the music is pretty cool.
  • RPG Horror/Strange Men - RPG Horrors >>>>. That is all.

  • The Librarians - I love this show, it's interesting and has a great plot. Flynn is also really cool.
  • Godzilla - Honestly, a huge part of my childhood as well. Love the big guy. Goji forever.
  • Friday the 13th - A horror series that is really good. It's obviously a cheesy slasher, but I love it for that.
  • Saw - I love the plot, and the traps are very interesting and tense.
  • Mamma Mia - One of my favorite films. Great music and the plot is fun as hell.
  • Anastasia - I saw the live broadway performance and I've watched the film, such a good movie and musical.
  • Disney - I like Disney, it's cool.

  • Jason Crane - Great horror novel that's an amazing twist on the Headless Horseman plot. I really recommend them.
  • Fablehaven - Childhood novels which also happen to be amazing.
  • The Dark Tower - It's Stephen King and I really like horror so I'll put this here.
  • Riordanverse - I love Percy Jackson. Great novels and I love the characters.

  • Marvel Comics - Really cool comics and characters. I luv Spidey and Moon Knight the most.

Favorite Characters

  • Mameo
  • Kouji Kabuto


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