aka TheSandman31

  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am I identify as an A-10 Warthog

“You lived what anybody gets, Bernie. You got a lifetime. No more. No less.”

Status: Preparing for a lot of stuff+Procrastinating 

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I like creating profiles for powerful obscure characters that is either from DC/Vertigo or some series that no one knew existed

Stuff that I like

  • The Sandman 
  • Lucifer 
  • DC Comics
  • Dark Nights:Metal 
  • All Death of the Endless spin-offs   
  • All Sandman spin-offs, specially the High Cost of Living and Dream Hunters 
  • All Lucifer spin-offs  
  • JLA 
  • JSA 
  • Secret Seven   
  • Vsauce
  • Kurzgesagt 

Pages I made


  • Campione characters
  • DC/Vertigo Characters 

Work in progress

  •  none

Series that I'm currently following/reading/re-reading

  •  The House of Mystery
  • The Spectre 
  •  The Dreaming
  •  Dark Nights: Metal
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re
  • Books of Magic  '

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