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About Me

I'm just a guy who's into anime, comics, games and other nerdy things and loves to overanalyze them. My favorite franchises include Mario, Kill la Kill, DBZ, DC Comics, Gravity Falls and One Punch Man.

I am a bureaucrat. My job is to help lead this site as a whole. Which includes making sure conversations here remain civil and safe! Along with patrolling the quality of pages made here.

I have the ability to close threads, remove comments, lock pages, ban people, appoint new admins/staff members and highlight topics for more input.

If you see any cases of bullying, trolling, harassment or hostility on this site, feel free to report to me and I will gladly try to settle it as soon as I can.

I'll also be available to help out with cleaning up profiles, maintaining the quality of our pages and helping out newer users. If you are inexperienced with making a page, come to my wall and ask me for help. You can also send me rough drafts of your pages via Google Docs as well so that I can help revise/approve of them for you.

All around I am happy to help out this site in any way I can and look forward to helping you out as well!

I also created the Joke Battles Wiki in order for those who would like to make joke profiles to do so in a permitted and appropriate way.  

Note: Wikia and FanFiction are only places where I go by "Ryukama." So if you see someone from another site with that name, then it isn't me.  

Pages I've Made

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