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Bruuuuuv bonjour amis my name would be Jack and welcome to me profile

Favorite verses:


This webcomic has the real definition of "comedy" and "genocide" in it, It is hilarious as fuck and you will be an addict of it as soon as you get past act 1, (which spoiler alert: 99% of the characters just die and get reincarnated lmao.)


While i haven't been far into the series yet, i like the plot of the protagonist being a demi-god and not knowing it until their early teens (or in this case, 12 years old), it is a very good and interesting series to get on and it is really great, especially if you know about greek mythology then i definitely recommend you to read it.

Doctor who

Fun fact: I am an addict of science fiction and fantasy fiction, So you know i would absolutely LOVE this epic television show, i love the concept of the doctor literally having 12 lives just to make the series larger with more movies being produced and in the same time making the show more interesting and fiction-ish/


A video game that i have been playing as i have been growing up and it's funny on how the game simply just doesn't...die and it just keeps teleporting to relevancy once in a while, Like especially if you want to be a youtuber, Minecraft is prolly gonna give you 1K views in the second you post it and it is just a very entertaining game to play in general rather you like to play singleplayer or online and i definitely LOVE Minecraft: Story mode, telltale games did a very good job making both Minecraft story mode and especially minecraft story mode season 2.

SCP Foundation

This series has EVERYTHING you would want, from horror stories, to shit stories, to funny and hilarious stories, it has EVERYTHING you want, and the creativity in it is just wild and the fact that anyone can make their own SCP is just cool and i absolutely love it.

Hyperdimensional Neptunia

Now we are getting into the whole weeb shit (which btw i am not a while as i only watched 2 anime series in my entire life but we will get to that later), this series is very funny and while i am new to the whole series to begin with, it is very entertaining and i just love the voices of the characters in both the original japanese and the dubs lmao.

Harry Potter

While the verse is fodder, It is a very good and entertaining series and while J.K rowling does ruin the series piece by piece with these epic tweets that she has been making, she did a wonderful job making the series in the first place, i am into fantasy fiction as i said before so it is no wonder that i i would love this amazing piece of work and it is just amazing.

Star Wars

Epic visuals, Epic story, Epic characters and an epic series, Star wars is a very good series in every way imaginable and it is just hard for me to describe how good it is really, The sci-fi in this is amazing and the scenes are perfect + the meme collection that the series is also known for is epic.

Kill la kill and One punch man

Remember when i said that i only watched only two anime in my entire life?, well now time to talk about them and both of these are fucking amazing

didn't really like season 2 as much as season 1 of OPM but it was really funny while in the same time entertaining, which is what you would want to see in an anime ngl, story wise...wait....Does saitama even have a story i mean the dude just fucking trained that's it, what are you, some kind of sweaty gym teacher to find this story good?

Kill la kill is also a very fun anime, i like the story of Ryuko and how the protag is literally about my age and all and it just a really fun anime that i DIDN'T complete yet but will do.

That's it for now POGGGGGGG.