aka The God of Typos

  • I live in A pond
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is High-school student, derpy salamander
  • I am Derpy Salamander
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Wooper anime


Wooper anime


You were expecting a serious profile...but it was i! OVERUSED MEME-KUN!

That one guy who likes Quagsire

Born and raised in Mexico. (No, i do not make Trump jokes)

I often do profiles of obscure verses//characters, so if you have any character not too well known and what help in making a profile for him/her/it i can always help

Be warned though, i am a newbie calculator

Status: Active from 8:00 to 12:00, and 21:00 to 23:00 during the week, also on weekends

You can leave a message on my wall, if its about a thread il reply on the thread, if not on the message itself

Some verses i am somewhat knowledgeable about:


SCP Foundation

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Comics

DC Comics


Ark: Survival Evolved

Wooper Mega Tyranitar Giphyquag Kaiser godzilla Magnezone Undertale 2cea65 5720819 Jason voorhees by disse86-d8x4axb 68Golisopod Bern pizza Subnautica-header-image Unnamed (2) Ark Survival Evolved SCPadorable Venom-0 Hanahojin SCP-682 Marvel Cinematic Universe Justice League DCEU

Extremely work in progress profiles, if there is no link to anything on the images it is because i have yet to make their skeleton, but for the most part, these are all of the profiles i have planned Scp number Bigfoot patterson01 Download (36) Download (35) Download (34) A Shocker on Shock Street - artwork Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes (Cover)

-Goals in life-

-Learning to calc

-Making profiles for characters that i find interesting

-Having a Quagsire/Wooper collection

-Being an emote

-That's it

-Favorite Franchises-

*I don't even know how to link stuff so bare with me here*

-Pokémon(as if that wasn't obvious)

-Dragon Ball (Original, Z, Super)

-Super Smash Bros.

-Marvel Comics

-Alien (Ridley Scott)

-Godzilla (Universe)

-SCP Foundation

-Undertale (i can feel the stares, don't judge me)

-Favorite Characters/Profiles-



-Godzilla (Composite)



-King Ghidorah (Godzilla)




-Alien(Drone (Alien), Warrior (Alien), Alien Queen)

-Asgore Dreemurr

-Tyrannosaurus rex



-Wither Storm



-Reaper Leviathan


-Bill Cipher

-Combined Human

Profiles i'd like to see/make one day

1.-WIP: Decent progress made

2.-WIP Skeleton: Only the skeleton of the profile is made

3.-Cancelled: Until further notice i won´t make them due to lack of feats

4.-Checked: Completed and added to the wiki

5.-Completed: Profile completed but not added to the wiki

-Rowan (Ghostbusters) (the movie was BAD but oh well) -Cancelled-

-Edgar the Bug (MIB) -Cancelled-

-Dusclops (Pokémon) -Cancelled-

-Mienshao (Pokémon) -Cancelled-

-Sea Emperor Leviathan (Subnautica) -CHECKED-

-Combined Ant (Real World) -WIP-

-Kat (Kid vs Kat) -CHECKED-

-Arthropleura (ARK: Survival Evolved) -Completed-

-The Manticore (ARK: Survival Evolved) -Completed-

-Golisopod (Pokémon) -CHECKED-

-Gargantuar (PvZ)

Profiles i've made

Unnamed (2) Titanosaur 220px-Huitzilopochtli V 68Golisopod Kat1 Ark manticore final by davesrightmind-dagubk4 GW Gargantuar Arthropluera Patagotitan-mayorum 0 Dunkleosteus interm1DB

Some more useless information i guess

-I love biology

-I'm somewhat decent at maths (i can calculate damage outputs in pokémon if that counts for anything)

-I love anything that has to do with prehistoric life as well as evolution

-My favorite movie is a tie between Life(2017) and Godzilla (2014)

-I play competitive pokémon...sometimes (You can find me on showdown as Dinosaur Lad)

-I enjoy any video that has to do with space

-My current competitive team is: Volcarona, Golisopod, Dusclops, Tyranitar-Mega, Mienshao and Magnezone

-I'm bored so i decided to add random things to my profile

-Did i mention i like Quagsire?

Wooper anime
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