Qliphoth Bacikal

  • My occupation is Motivation
  • I am Male

Lord Alva Edison


Nyarlathotep of the Historial World, King of the Moon, Tick Tock Man

Rose Witch of Gold

Witch of the Rose

Successor of the Lightning Lord

Lightning King

Mysterious V

V and Familiars

Vergil Son of Sparda

A man who runs on motivation

Enterprise on sortie

Cleveland 1

Hi. Names Qliphoth Bacikal Totally not Wilhelm Ehrenberg.

Not much I can really share with myself, just a guy who likes verses that he happens to like. I'm also someone who has a "tell and show" mindset with characters and any other related stuff of a given verse (as in, showing any possible scans or possibly text if from a book or a light novel or the like in other cases though it's not absolute to do all the time) so whatever I can do to help, I can try and gather up scans for certain verses albeit those are very limited to ones I like so I wouldn't really be much of help for everything else otherwise.

Verses I either

  • Masadaverse (In spite of it being majorly untranslated, it has a really interesting setting)
  • What a Beautiful Series (Wish all of it was translated though, and the planned projects were actually made)
  • Silverio (Verse) (Similar to Masadaverse)
  • Kongou Banchou (Cheesy and cliche, but still love it to this day)
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
  • Fist of the North Star
  • Toriko (Universe)
  • My Hero Academia
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Just been out of it from the manga for a very long time, though)
  • Devil May Cry (Smoking Sexy Style)
  • Fortissimo
  • Azur Lane (Shipfus are awesome and cute. Also interesting lore, the only problem is keeping up with the stories connected to the events and all that)
  • Arknights
  • Girls Frontline (Difficult gameplay and lore to follow though.)
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  • Honkai Impact 3rd (NOICE characters like Azur Lane, just hard to keep up with the content and especially the story)
  • Grappler Baki (Martial Arts when it's taken to crazy, and sometimes, bizarre levels)
  • Yakuza
  • Akame ga Kill! (Read the manga and still like it even now after its end. Heard or recall that it had a sequel of sorts but never got into it).
  • God of War (Fan of the series. Have and played GoW 2018, pretty awesome game right next to KH3 and DMC5. Looking forward to the game(s) that comes after it)
  • Record of Ragnarok (Awesome, exciting setting between Gods and Humans fighting each other. But can be vague on what's stated to be what in terms of feats but otherwise has a unique portrayal of the characters shown there)
  • Konjiki no Gash Bell (Watched the anime a long time ago. Would love to make updates to the verse when I get to reading its manga)
  • Madness Combat (Been a fan since the earliest animations of MC. Have seen fan style works based off of this since and played fan games of it. Simply amazing for something that started out as a 2D-ish animation series)
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba (Great characters. Awesome moments in the manga. Amazing insight on the characters and what led them to the way they are in the present)

  • Kingdom Hearts (Pretty interesting world concept and characters. I've seen enough of it on-off here to know of just not liking/hating both the wank and downplay of it. Still into the verse, but could care less of it in a VS debating perspective...)
  • Tarouverse (Well more of just Mondaiji really. I thought the story and the cosmology were interesting and they still are. The biggest problem is the translation issue. There seem to be major problems with it due to conflicting translations AFAIK of it, then I learned that it was really in Japanese originally which makes me question HTF it got that much of a problem of translating it in the first place. Even in regards to it, the back to back translation case has been such a pain of an issue that I abstain from getting into it again due to its issues. If it were to be translated in Japanese like how it should have been, if not already done so, maybe I will but I just cannot for rn...)

  • Nasuverse (Too many problems to list here. It's just too complex and confusing and a waste of my time investing in it in the first place. It has great characters, but again...too many to even count for me to not want to get back into it.)
  • Fortnite (Not so much the game, just don't get the hype. That and it causes people to rage and break stuff)


  • Make potential verses pages for Azur Lane and Lyrical Nanoha.
    • Also make blogs for each to explain terms and other such that are important to the series.
  • Update Kongou Banchou verse page.
  • Help with creating Arknights pages when possible

Favorite characters

Steampunk Bois

Steampunk Male MC's. From left to right: Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Dr. Gii, Carvarty Astiare, The M, and The A

Too many to count, among them are:

  • Eagle Union
    • Enterprise, Hornet, Yorktown, Cleveland, Montpelier
  • Sardegna Empire
    • Littorio
  • Royal Navy
    • Warspite, Hood, Prince of Wales
  • Iron Blood
    • Graf Zeppelin, Prinz Eugen

  • Kiana Kaslana
  • Mei Raiden
  • Bronya Zaychik
  • Himeko Murata
  • Theresa Apocalypse
  • Fu Hua
  • Sakura Yae
  • Kallen Kaslana
  • Rita Rossweisse
  • Rozaliya and Lilyana Olenyeva
  • Seele Vollerei

...Essentially the whole playable cast

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