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Greetings to my fellow internet people with waaaay too much time on their hands. Whether you're a geek, gamer, weeb, comic book nerd or just can't fathom why Saitama isn't Low Complex Multiversal, this is definitely the place for you.

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In no particular order:

  • Randolph Carter: Something about his quest for knowledge and the lengths he's willing to go to succeed in it really endear me to him I guess. I also have massive respect for his resolve considering how a good chunk of "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" is him meeting eldritch horrors from beyond time and space and somehow not going mad. Granted his curiosity had cost him in the end but I rather like his concept.                      
  • Nyarlathotep: No, not the anime waifu. But arguably my personal favorite interpretation of an absolute evil entity. From the way he manipulates and destabilizes reality through his avatars, how he's even implied to be something different from his kin and the way he toys with lesser beings and even protects them just to further his own amusement and the general chilling atmosphere he has around him.                                                         
  • Shigeo Kageyama: My favorite anime protagonist by far. No screaming about being the strongest or the best. No over-the-top backstory or forced tragedy. No special place in the setting and isn't pivotal to some grand designs of fate. He's.......normal. He feels like a person you can relate to, with realistic goals to make an identity for himself that went beyond his powers. He has flaws, he can be too indecisive and isn't particularly smart or good with people but that's what makes him great to me. Him being the strongest in his verse is just a small bonus.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Mori Jin : Something about him just makes you like the guy. I love his energy, the way he cares for everyone from his friends to even his clones (RIP Mori Hui) and the way he's a badass without insane hax. The fact that he doesn't have an anime is criminal.                                                                                                                               
  • 666:Satan: He's just plain awesome. Normally I don't particularly care for unstoppable opponents one way or the other but he's definitely the exception. That fight with Mori was easily one of my favorite eastern media fights by far in just how over-the-top it was (Kind of like Saitma and Boros). His child-like personality and how he isn't even truly evil is just icing on the cake.
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