Favorite Verses

Ben 10 - My childhood.
Doctor Who - Brilliant Series. (Except Chibnall era, of course)
God of War - One of the best video game series ever made.
Kamen Rider - Masked hero who riding motorcycle and kicks every evil's asses, who would not like that?
Saints Row - Crazy and ridiculous. Love it.
Devil May Cry - Played it since I were kid. Not very good at it, but still loves it.


Marvel Comics - I love Spider-Man and Deadpool.
DC Comics - I love Constantine and Lucifer Morningstar.
Image Comics - I love Spawn and Jackie.
RWBY - I tried so hard to get into the series, and I ain't got so far (get it?).
Cthulhu Mythos - I love horror stories, and this one's pretty good and interesting.
DmC Devil May Cry - Hates Dante's new character, but the game is quite good

Verses that I hate

Warhammer - As for someone, it's good. As for me, it's stupid. That's all.
Dragon Ball - Goku is my most hated protagonist since I'm a kid. Don't ask why.

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