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Alright some different stuff:

[[The Muppets (self explanatory), Star Wars (except the sequels, those suck), Star Trek (most of it before the 2010s), Undertale (It's a fun RPG game), D&D (My bard claps you wizard with his stick with a level 99 attack strength), The first 3 seasons of Lego Ninjago (The rest suuucked), Cthulhu Mythos (read my username), Destiny (A Sci-fi slash first person shooter with a good amount of lore, that's the type of thing I like), The elder scrolls (I like the lore, haven't played that many of the games though) ]]

None Notable

[[Instant Death (I could right an essay on why I don't like it, but not know. Alright:

  • Reason 1: It's entire point is "OoH, look, we got OP anime MC" it even talks about how OP the characters are every few chapters. And on the entire series is literally called this:

"My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me!"

  • Reason 2: Yogurt boi himself. He is a freaking terrible main protagonist, his entire point is "Oh look at me, I'm OP anime protagonist". He also has almost no personality or good character traits once so ever.)

Fortnite(self explanatory), Steven Universe (I can write a long essay on it, but here is some quick reasons:

  • Reason 1: All the characters (except Peridot) suck, they're either boring, dumb, or straight up annoying.
  • Reason 2: They always put that "redemption card, oooo" thing on the irredeemable villains.
  • Reason 3: Steven himself is a horrendous character, he's a crybaby, a spoiled brat, annoying, and just horrible in general)