In D&D, all characters can resist spells to certain degrees. Some resist it far better than others, and some resist things like, say, Poison, better than Mind Control. This blog will make an effort to document all resistances offered by two mechanics offered within D&D- Fort and Will saves, respectively. 

What Are Saves?

Saves are a game mechanic placed in D&D in order to give a viable method of resisting the many powers of D&D. While they are game mechanics, the resistances themselves are not- they are, much like anything within D&D, real resistances that the characters have that are governed by game mechanics. Some characters even have abilities that heighten these resistances (Such as the Iron Will feat). 

Some classes for characters will inherently resist various abilities better. A Fighter will always resist poison and certain stat reducing attacks more than, say, a Wizard, who will in turn always resist age manipulating and mind control attacks better than the fighter. This is because the Fighter, a physical contender, will have a higher Fortitude, whereas a Wizard will have a higher Will. 

For the purpose of this blog, Reflex is disregarded, as it is essentially dodging an attack rather than resisting it. Reflex generally applies to attacks like explosions and lightning, and dodging such attacks.

In the game, Fortitude and Will scale with level, and thus should be somewhat comparable to Challenge Rating and tiers in regards to this wiki. A 9-A character is unlikely to resist an attempt at mind control from a Low 7-B character. For the purposes of this blog, we will disregard the only truly game mechanics point of these resistances- that each character, regardless of context, has a guaranteed 5% chance to fail (even if the attack is from a much weaker foe) and a 5% chance to succeed (even if the attack is coming from a much stronger foe). These are exemplified by the d20, which decides your chance to resist. A 1 is always a failure, while a 20 is always a success- this being completely game mechanics makes it invalid. 


These resistances will likely be incomplete due to the vast amount of content available for D&D that I personally do not have access to. If you are knowledgeable and know of another resistance garnered by these saves, please let me know. To my knowledge, this is what makes D&D a formidable verse- they have a viable method of countering many hax. 

Fortitude Resistances

These will be greater for more phsyical-based characters, such as a baseline Ogre, though are possessed to some degree by all characters.

Will Resistances

These will be greater for more mental-based characters, such as a Beholder, though are possessed to some degree by all characters.


Other abilities that can be resisted somehow in D&D. This might include taking more time due to basic stats or just having some form of resistance to it physically or due to a state of being (Undead resisting poison and death attacks, for example). Let's begin. 

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