Monarch Laciel

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Greetings. I see you have come to my profile. Want to learn a bit more about me do you?

Well, to begin with, I'm an administrator on this site. Obviously. Bright green name was something of a dead giveaway I'd think. If you need help shutting down any rowdy threads, want my opinion on a thread (except Masadaverse please), or just want to chat, message me on my wall.

More importantly however, I am the Prophet and Mouth of her glorious majesty, Breinhard Bheydrich. Her divine voice is too great for this world, and to hear a single word from her lips would cause all who hear it except her chosen (i.e. me) to immediately fry their brains with the sheer ecstasy from the sound of her voice. Should you seek questions on her majesty, place them upon my wall.

My favorite Characters

In no real order:

Some of my other forms (avi's)

Franchises I Like

Again, in no particular order

  • Kill la Kill - the sheer weirdness and awesomeness overwhelms me and I can't say more
  • Undertale - surprisingly powerful, with a great battle mechanic. Also, my heart forever belongs to Chara *laughs in genocide*
  • Fate - I've seen F/Z and F/SN:UBW, as well as a few episodes of Lunar Princess and the first Kara No Kyokai movie, but seen a lot of info on it on this site and the Type:Moon Wiki. Vampires (*cough* I mean Dead Apostles), Legendary heroes from across time and space and divine spirits all battling each other? Oh hell yes. Plus it gender bends King Arthur so that's cool.
  • Keys to the Kingdom - probably one of the first fantasy books I ever read, and I loved it from the start. It's also surprisingly powerful.
  • Umineko No Naku Koro Ni - love it. Love the plot, love the mystery, love the magic. Not sure whether Beatrice is a tsundere or a yandere though.
  • The God of High School - I have never read another manga with fight scenes that get me as hyped as this one's do. Sure they aren't the highest in scale (no multiverse busting), but the insane feats that do happen are really portrayed in their full glory.
  • Berserk - Also a strong love of mine.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica - oh how I love this verse. Except when people say Homura did nothing wrong... *clenches fists*. Still love you though Homucifer!
  • Tokyo Ghoul (and :re) - love them both. The fights are badass as hell, the universe is fascinating, the psychological trauma is endless... what's not to love?
  • Bungou Stray Dogs - cool fight scenes, great humour, and yet still a mature storyline. I love it.
  • Pandora's Tower - great game. Fun combat, great bosses, multiple endings, virtual waifu and relationship meter that distracts me from my crushing loneliness, interesting puzzles...
  • The Last Story - also a great game.Combat was so much fun, leading around your own little tactical army, story was truly excellent, with humour, great characters, sadness, drama, romance, political intrigue...

Verses I am knowledgeable about

Pages I've Made

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

Demon Lord Chronicles



Infinity Blade

Skulduggery Pleasant


Bungou Stray Dogs

The Last Story

Things to do

  • Make my profile look all fancy with pictures and tabbers.
  • Make profiles for other members of the Bungou Stray Dogs cast
  • Make profiles for characters from Pandora's Tower
  • Go through Demon Lord Chronicles, make profiles for other characters, and see if the continental storm leads to any AP upgrades.
  • Rewatch Cross Ange and make profiles for those characters.
  • Make profiles for Demonsouled characters
  • Make profiles for characters from The Last Story
  • Make profiles for characters from The Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince
  • Spread the word of Breinhard Bheydrich
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