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  • I live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is being an average University Student
  • I am Venezuelan

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What's the craic, User?

I’m just a Venezuelan studying a Master Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering in the beautiful land of Northern Ireland! I do like to part-take in VS Debating, but I feel more confident making calculations, analyzing data and (oddly) writing Death Battles!

I am a newcomer to the VS-Debating and Death Battle Writing universe, but I do hope my contributions to this wiki make a notable and (more importantly) positive impact. Learning is also something I like to do, ESPECIALLY if it involves my fields of interest.

As for my fields of interest? I’m pretty flexible. But my most notable ones are video games, anime, manga, sports, TV (food related) shows, a wee bit of movies, etc.

Yo también hablo español. Así que me pueden dejar mensajes en mi pared en español si quieren.

Je peux lire et ecrire dans Français aussi. Mais parler, je ne peux pas. Desolé :(

そして、今 僕は 日本語を 勉強しています。ひらがな わかります、カタカナ 少し わかる できます。でも、漢字は 難しですよ!T_T

Ok, I’ll stop showing off.

Also, don’t be deceived by my profile picture. I’m a heterosexual dude.

Approved Calculations

Here are some calcs per series that I made/found that have been approved:

Verses I Like

  • Mega Man (This is my all-time favorite franchise. I have played all Classic Games, some Star Force games, and 1 Battle Network game, but I specialize in the X, Zero & ZX/A series (I also grew up with the X/Zero series. So it's no surprise that this is my favorite series of them all). Lore, despite being repetitive at times, is rather interesting. The franchise contains must plays like Mega Man 2, Mega Man Battle Network 6, Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero 3, but also contain don't plays like Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man II and Mega Man X6/X7. One of my biggest gushes about this franchise is the fucking music. It's pleasant sex for the ears.)
  • The Legend of Zelda (This was the franchise that introduced me to gaming. I still think Ocarina of Time is the best game I have ever played, and who would think that it was the first game I have ever played aside from Mega Man Zero 4? Oh well. I have played many of the games and I fucking loved every single one of them. I am currently playing Zelda: Link's Awakening.)
  • Earthbound (Played Earthbound and Mother 3. Fucking loved both games. Need to play Earthbound Beginnings or Mother 1. Heard it's pretty good.)
  • Dragon Quest (Getting into this franchise and it's hella fun with a glorious OST. Luminary & Erdrick are absolute chads. But I still need to play DQ4 & 8: I want to see Solo/Sofia and Eight in action.)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (I played many Sonic games and remember enjoying them. Sure, the quality of the games isn't consistent and the fanbase can be fucking cancerous, but I still like Sonic himself and the games I have played.)
  • Super Mario Bros (Played maaaaany of his games. And just like the previous franchises, I enjoyed them. Unarguably the most iconic video game character, and he is well-worthy of the title in my honest opinion.)
  • Metroid (I've been getting back into the series slowly, and I regret ever having forgotten about it. Super Metroid is one of the best SNES games I have ever played alongside Zelda ALTTP & Mega Man X. Samus is one of my favorite females of all-time.)
  • The Transformers Games (The third person shooters one that take place in Cybertron. Good god are the games so fucking fun, and even better when it's one of my favorite franchises.)

  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (It is one of my most favorite animes I have ever seen so far. Dear God is the writing so good and it had some of my favorite moments ever. Edward & Alphonse are some of my favorite brothers in fiction and Maes Hughes' death still fucking hurts T_T)
  • Dragon Ball Z/Super (Another one of my most favorite animes I have ever seen, especially Z. The plot, the characters, the music (especially the Japanese one), the moments. It's got it all. Fucking love this anime)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Recently started getting into it. Good lord is it good. I started off with Part 3 and I don't regret it. Joseph Joestar is fabulous as a young man and an old man. I have also been buying some manga issues of it.)
  • One-Punch Man (Recently started getting into it, too. I like the characters and the overall story so far. Saitama's a funny character IMO, King's a fucking chad, and honestly, Fubuki >>>> Tatsumaki for me.)
  • Mob Psycho 100 (Watched Season 1, and I fucking love Mob. Shame the community that supports him can be fucking cancerous. Trust me, it showed when Mob vs. Tatsumaki was announced, and it was not pretty.)
  • Fist of the North Star (While repetitive, I think it's absolutely fantastic. A classic Shounen anime and is the father of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Kenshiro is such a lovely character, as well as Raoh and many more.)
  • Elfen Lied (The anime's mediocre in my opinion. Thankfully, the manga is pretty good, and I don't regret reading it. Though it still has themes that don't rub well with me in the absolute slightest. I wouldn't support the series if it weren't for how engaging the story could get, how some of the other themes were handled and most importantly, Lucy's existence.)
  • Kill La Kill (This anime was something else, honestly. Some of the most fun I have had watching it. The characters are honestly lovely. And Senketsu is the best uniform ever.)

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (I have watched many of them, and enjoyed all of them. The Avengers Tetralogy was fantastic and I felt the emotional moments pretty strongly.)
  • Transformers G1 (I have a lot of fond memories of this. I even watched the 1986 Movie and cried when Optimus Prime died. Shame they had to spoil that by bringing him back.)
  • The Fairly OddParents! (Ahhhh... I remember I used to watch this ALL of the time as a kid. I love this series. I love Timmy, Cosmo & Wanda. They made my days whenever I felt down. So much nostalgia...)

My Top 10 Favorite Characters

1. Zero (Mega Man X) (My favorite character of all-time. No fucking contest. Zero is one of a kind. I love EVERYTHING about him: his story, his personality, his design, his power, etc. He was the first protagonist that I have ever connected to in an extreme personal level. A character meant for destruction and chaos turned out to be the franchise's most legendary hero. And yet he still didn't see himself as a hero. What struck me most is how much shit happened throughout his whole life. Yet he didn't lose himself completely to the trauma and kept fighting for those he believed in. Said way of thinking was engraved into my mind forever. To this day, his death is by far the most painful one of any fictional character: his death was what brought humans & reploids together. Basically, fulfilling his best friend's dream. I absolutely love this Legend to bits.)

2. Optimus Prime (He was always a father figure to me since I was a kid. With his charisma, his stoicness, his wisdom and powerful sense of leadership, seeing him in action was always that got me excited and I knew he could be always to look up to. And to this day, I still do. Prime, just like Zero, despite losing a lot of his comrades still didn't lose his path and continued to fight on to meet his objective. And some of his monologues and quotes have been engraved into my mind and will remain so for the rest of my life. Optimus Prime is one of those characters that you see once in a lifetime, and I'm glad that I have had the pleasure of having him as my father figure)

3. Lucy (Elfen Lied) (My favorite female character and my waifu. Never have I encountered a character that could be both extremely white and extremely black, and still be perfectly gray on average; and never have I felt so sorry for a character in my life- until I met her. Her past was tragic, and she did not deserve it. She did lose her way as the story progressed, but she did manage to fulfill redemption by the end, even welcoming death. Underneath her jagged way of being is an extremely caring and genuinely sincere girl, and her death was one of the most painful ones I had to sit through ever. I fucking love her.)

4. Mega Man X (This character has to be one of the most pure-hearted and caring characters I have ever witnessed. His robotic heart is literally MUCH bigger than his body. Regretting the fact that he has to fight, he continues to do so to combat injustice. For what he believes is right. His character might have taken some bad blows by bad entries, but I still love him. His death was definitely an extremely painful one, and to this day, I don't think he deserved such fate...)

5. Kenshiro (Manliest anime character I have witnessed so far. After losing his fiancee, he still decides to fight for the weak and take down the strong. Aside from his countless memes, he is essentially one of the grandparents of shounens. Deep inside, he is also a rather pure character. May God bless him for all eternity.)

6. Vegeta (My favorite Character in all of Dragon Ball. I always liked his attitude, and seeing the development he got over time just made me so happy

7. Edward Elric Most relatable Anime protagonist ever

8. Ganondorf My favorite Villain of all-time

9. Zelda My favorite Nintendo Princess and one of my childhood crushes

10. Aile Best Mega Girl :3

My Current To Do List

  • Upgrading the Mega Men (Classic era, X era, Zero era, Star Force & Battle Network) with AP and/or speed upgrades. (COMPLETED!)
  • Upgrading my dear Lucy to Sub-Relativistic-Relativistic and possibly Low 5-B. (WIP: 50%)
  • Creating the Witchblade Verse. (Pending)
  • Implementing a new method for Tsunami via Earthquakes. (WIP: 80%)
  • Contribute slightly to upgrading Iron Man to SoL. (WIP: 65%)
  • Research MegaMan.EXE to complete his incomplete profile.
  • Many, many more.

Here’s my Sandbox

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