• I was born on June 8
  • I am Masculine
The mightiest weapon by kyendo

I also love Kingdom Hearts.

Hey, guys, I'm Mand. Well, of course, this is a nickname and not my real name, but I do have stuff like an online surname because I've used this nickname for just so long in roleplaying and accounts from nearly everywhere.

I'm actually a person who doesn't like too overpowered stuff: I like anime which focus on strategy and intelligence of its characters, being a lover of To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and Hunter × Hunter, although I do like Dragon Ball... well, who doesn't? I'm also a fan of Noragami because of the character depth and personally recommend Aldnoah.Zero to anyone and everyone as another of my favourite anime: as you can see, a weak protagonist beating the heck out of overpowered villains through smarts really fits my style.

My favorite pages

  • Attack Potency, damn, I'm nearly always checking a thing or another there. LOL
  • Misaka Mikoto is my beloved waifu, even though most of my waifus have big boobs.
  • Fubuki is one of the aforementioned big boobed waifus, and I prefer her over Tatsumaki. I also love how her character was built, and I don't only mean design.
  • Satellizer El Bridget is another one of my waifus. Great backstory, great character, great assets in all senses of word. I started reading Freezing for the ecchi and got caught by the story!
  • Accelerator is a badass. Did you guys know most fight-oriented online roleplays forbid the usage of Vectorial Manipulation ingame all because Accelerator scared everybody with his "perfect defense"? And that's even though the anime is always showing counters to it and a friend of mine curbstomped quite a few Accelerators while roleplaying Railgun...
  • Regeneration is also another page I'm often reading and revising stuff at. Most my OCs don't go beyond Mid-level regeneration. Is it me or the low-level regenerations are basically stretches of human level regeneration, with mid-level pushing biological possibility to its limits, high-levels pushing material possibility to its limits and Godly levels are the abstract, philosophical levels of regeneration which push logic, metaphysics and the concept of what regeneration is to its limits?
  • Composite Human is this wiki's best OC on my opinion. I'll one day have a battle with a war of composite humans vs something.
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