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Temperature Chart

Specific Heat Capacity/Latent Heat of Fusion and Vaporization

Specific Heat Capacity Latent Heat (Fusion)  Latent Heat (Vaporization) Melting Point  Boiling Point 
Silver 230 104726.6 5327260 962 1950
Iron 460 247112.54 6213627 1538 2861
Aluminum 870 396567.46 10859277 660.32 2519
Tin 240 58972 2442928 231.93 2602
Copper 390 206137 4720692 1084.62 2927
Zinc 380 112420 1820128 419.53 907
Silicon 710 1787113 12780350 1414 2900
Gold 130 63463 1675127 1064.18 2856
Calcium 630 213000 3867458 842 1484
Water 4186 333.7 2256.7 0 100
Granite 821.46 947657.98 6077872 1215  ?
Titanium 470 390666 8878768 1668 3287
Oxygen 919 13875 213125 -218.3 -182.9
Nitrogen 1040 25702 199190 -210.1 -195.8
  • Specific heat capacity = Joules/Kg*K (K and °C are interchangeable)
  • Latent heat = J/Kg
  • Boiling/Melting point = (°C)

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Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities

Absolute Zero

  • Point where enthalpy/entropy hits minimum.
  • Considered to be an ultimate form of freezing, where it is impossible to truly reach absolute zero via conventional means.
  • All the atoms basically cease to move when said temperature is reached.
  • The body's atomic structure loses its cohesiveness, thus anyone who is exposed to this will just break apart.
  • Generally Ignores durability.


  • Power Absorption: Absorbing a specific power/ability from a user and make it their own. If this is done without stealing said opponent's power, it is called Power Replication.
  • Energy Absorption: Absorbing various forms of energy, such as from electronic devices, energy attacks, as well as the surrounding environment (Different series/media have different forms of energy)
  • Life-Force Absorption: Absorbing the health and life of others and make it one’s own.
  • Biological Absorption: Absorbing others into user's body, which allows for access to their powers/memories
    • Said user can often shapeshift, and gains abilities such as regeneration

Abstract Existence

  • Able to regenerate their body as a specific concept exists (such as space, time, etc.)
  • Must be a specific embodiment of that specific concept
  • Said ability can be overwritten by users who are able to overwrite that specific concept, or said person's ability to embody that specific concept (Overwriting/Rewriting the concept of time would mean said user who embodies time would be destroyed, etc.)
    • Omnipresence/Nigh Omniscience: Abstract entities might exist everywhere that their concept or theme resides, allowing them to be in multiple places at once.
    • Non-Corporeal: Due to embodying a concept or theme, many abstract beings lack true physical forms, and are thus difficult to physically damage.
    • Conceptual Manipulation: Abstract Entities might have incredible command over the theme or concept that their embody, as it is a part of their essence.
    • Reliant Immortality: Due to being the embodiment of a concept or theme, an abstract entity will exist for as long as its concept does.


  • Able to exist outside of casuality, or not being limited to cause and effect (scale of this ability varies)
  • Immune to time travel/causality manipulation, as a character with acausality transcends it
  • Requires use of high-level reality warping, or changing the laws of cause and effect to truly stop it
  • "Even if you go back in time and kill an acausal being in the past or prevent him/her/it from being born/created, it will still exist in the present and other timelines. Often, even if an acausal being is killed in the present, it can still survive by appearing from another timeline."

Acid Manipulation

  • Can create, manipulate, and control acids and acid-based materials
  • Able to form said acid into a specific shape
  • Able to adjust the causticity of said acid
  • Able to adjust where and how the acid affects the object, how much fumes it releases...
    • Limitation: User may be limited to what type of acid they can control.
    • Limitation: Users may be limited to what amount of acid they can control.
    • Limitation: Strong bases can neutralize acids!


  • More along the lines of Pressure Point Intuition
  • Having control over/knowledgeble of other people's nerves/pressure points.
  • Able to cause different effects by striking the pressure points of an opponent (which may be harmful, or helpful)
  • Limitation: Machines are most likely immune to this ability, unless one strikes its circuitry/core systems
  • Limitation: Thick armor also causes this ability to fail


  • Able to adapt to different sitations/natural environments
  • Able to adapt to environments that are constantly changing
  • Different from Reactive Evolution in the way that this ability does not increase one's strength, speed, or any of their physical/mental attributes.

Age Manipulation

  • Ability to control the age of living and non-living organisms.
  • Can accelerate/reverse the age or living and non-living organisms.
  • Possible subset of Time Manipulation

Air Manipulation

  • Users can create, shape, and manipulate air (oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases)
  • Users can manipulate the surrounding air to accelerate/decelerate their limbs
    • Air shield by manipulating the density of the air
    • Flight: Self-propulsion with wind
    • Levitation: Levitate off the ground using air currents
    • Gliding: Glide through the wind using air currents
    • Enhanced Speed: Run as fast as the wind itself
    • Enhanced Agility: Extremely flexible with the wind
    • Ability to create tornadoes, or devastating wind storms
    • Density and pressure control of the air
    • Adjusting of oxygen/nitrogen levels in the air (Also able to deprive opponents of air, suffocating them)
    • Draw power from natural disasters such as whirlwinds, tornadoes, or typhoons
    • Drawback: Not very effective against opponents who do not require oxygen for sustenance

Alternate Future Display

  • Sub-power of Time Manipulation
  • Able to show an alternate future had he/she made a different decision
  • Able to show alternate possibilities of their lives formed by personal decisions


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  • 2*atan(tan(70/2)*(panel_width/panel_height)) -> Setting must be in radians when you calculate.
  • After this, you convert back to degrees
  • Use this calculator, plug in angle in degrees and the size of object to get a distance value.


Kenshiro Drops a Rock (Lifting Strength feat)

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