aka Kyle The Terrible

  • I live in Canada, Ontario
  • My occupation is Private
  • I am Male
SMG4 Mario

One of my favorite characters of all time(SMG4 Mario)

My name is Kyle, I mostly want to keep most of my personal life private though my social life I'm ok with. Wiki's I like are this wiki, SMG4 Wiki, Villians wiki and more. Some of my favourite YouTubers are Jacksepticeye, Markplier, SMG4, Charmx, Messyourself and Camila Cuveus and many more. I don't really use social media much but I main Youtube and Discord and maybe Amino. Games I play are Minecraft(From time to time), Roblox, dozens of mobile games and Super Smash Bros(PC/Emulator). I don't play games as much due to Youtube. I use to be much more active but I'm mostly waiting for more profiles to get updated then I will become more active. Franchises I like are Undertale, Glitchtale, Zajcu37's FNAF series, SCP Franchise, SMG4's Franchise those are the ones I mainly watch. That's a quick thing about myself.  

The reasons I like this stuff:

Jacksepticeye/Markplier: Being the second Youtubers I ever saw(Late 2014) they still stay my favourite Youtuber up to date with their videos, gameplay and reactions are still exciting to watch which is why they're my favourite Youtubers. 

SMG4: The comedy channel I watched ever since April 2018(2016 if you count the GTA video) They make everything that could be terrifying into full-on chaos and randomness the arcs take a turn into seriousness and randomness and that's the reason I like SMG4. 


Another one of my favorite characters(Sans)

Charmx: Not really sure of the reasons but his reactions are very interesting and he is my favourite reacter of all time for reasons not sure of. 

Messyourself: Same like SMG4 and Charmx(Makes stuff into full-on chaos his comedy is hilarious though sometimes it's just meh) 

Camila Cuveus(Glitchtale): The thing that keeps me interested in Undertale, my favourite Undertale AU and one of my favourite series of all time with a good plot, animation, backstory/lore, characters and interest. 

Zajcu37's FNAF Series: The first Youtube channel I've seen ever since my channel was created(Around summer 2015 in Canada) pretty much the same reasons as Camila Cuveus. 

SCP Franchise: Interesting story, very developed, likeable storylines and characters, as well as many fangames I very much enjoy.                                                                                                     

Another one of my favorite characters(SCP-682)


Undertale: One of my favourite storyline games of all time, it has very likeable characters, storylines/plot, backstory/lore with a lot of AU's and Fan video from the fandom which is very likeable(Except for the cancerous parts)

Minecraft: The childhood game I grew up being a fun game to play in multiplayer though at times I would give up due to stuff that can happen, other than that it's one of my favourite games with a multitude of possibilities. 

Roblox: Another game I grew up with like Minecraft I can give up on it due to stuff that can happen, with a multitude of possibilities.

Social Media's I use, Youtube, Discord and Amino

Note, none of these are in order.

 My favorite pages   

(This is based on how detailed they are and how eye-catching they are to me it doesn't mean I'm interested in that specific verse)

VS Battles Wiki Pages: 

SMG4 Wiki Pages: 

Note, none of these are in order.

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