aka Kieran Humphreys

  • I live in England
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is Teenager
  • I am A Boi

Welcome, human, to my domain... I have waited for this moment for many years, and here you are, finally, User...

Anyway Ima pretty cool guy hopefully and I'm currently reworking the Ark: Survival Evolved verse. 

I'm also slowly making stuff for I-Ninja but that's less of a priority currently... 

Feel free to speak about either.

My favorite pages

This Amazing Place -

Verses I Like:

My Sandboxes: 

Kurt Hectic (MDK) (Dunno if this one's being uploaded so it's here)

Stuff I've Done:

Stuff i'll be doing (eventually)

Ark: Survival Evolved:

Bold stuff will be done soon, if not it'll probably be done at some point

  • Original Extinction Creatures
  • Original Aberration Creatures
  • Original Scorched Earth Creatures
  • Original Genesis Creatures
  • Anything left after the above


  • Cattus (Waiting on a calc to be accepted and then they'll be created)
  • Doggus


  • Bosses
  • Basic enemies

Stuff I might do (because I wanna)

Dauntless Verse - Similar to monster hunter, likely not as powerful

MDK Verse - Third person shooters from ps1 and ps2 era

Crash Of The Titans - Titans - Strong creatures, likely scale to Crash but they can be fodderised

Backyard Monsters Verse - Facebook game... base building, lots of monsters but likely wont get far in terms of power

Earth Defense Force Verse - Game series, Kaiju, giant insects, various soldier types.

Serious Sam Verse - Not particularly knowledgable on the series, but I enjoyed the games so...

Add to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Verse - I like the game, verse is lacking atm so might help out

Flanimals - Ricky Gervais book series that I had when I was young, honestly just think these would be funny to make, not sure where they'd get in terms of power though...

Some I'm not sure are valid to make:

Disney Infinity Stuff (Both heroes and fodder enemies) - they all technically have story, and feats so they should be good...

Skylanders Enemies (Fodder characters, Chompies, etc) - Same as above

Social Wars & Empires Verses (Pretty certain these aren't valid anymore, the games got taken down... with my money too... Good games tho...)

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