aka JM Jones

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on April 13
  • I am Male

Verses I Support:


-Yu Yu Hakusho

-Hunter X Hunter

-Dragon Ball

-Katekyo Hitman: Reborn!


Neutral Verses:



-One Piece



Favourite Naruto Characters (Good/Neutral):

-Naruto (Badass IMO & he's come a long way. He does have his moments tho I'll admit..)


-Minato (Screams badass)

-Kakashi (Still badass without Sharingan)

-Killer Bee

-Itachi (Sometimes I whish Sasuke was more like him during the show/Manga)

-Jiriaya (RIP :/)


Favourite Yu Yu Hakusho Characters (Good/Neutral):

-Yusuke (Just badass)


Favourite Hunter X Hunter Characters (Good/Neutral):

-Gon Freecs 


Favourite Katekyo Hitman: Reborn! Characters (Good/Neutral):

-Tsuna (Especially when he's serious)

-Yamamoto (KHR)

Favourite Dragon Ball Characters (Good/Neutral):

-Goku (Again...badass)

-Trunks (Future Trunks. Kid is kinda annoying XD)

-Gohan (Mystic/Ultimate is extremely badass...he needs to start training again tho :/)

-Krillin (Underrated much??)

-Piccolo (also great character development)

Favourite Marvel Characters (Good/Neutral):

-Spider-Man (Favourite superhero)

-Iron Man

Favourite DC Characters (Good/Neutral):

-The Flash


Favourite Gaming Characters (Good/Neutral):

-Cole McGrath (Second favourite character in gaming)

-Nathan Drake (Favourite gaming character)

Favourite Villains:

-Madara (TBH the other Naruto villians kinda suck. He is Badass tho.)

-Sensui (sort of a villain...I guess)

-Meruem (same as Sensui)

-Frieza (Most iconic in the DBZ verse)

-Cell (Satisfying to see him lose to Gohan)

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