aka an Ivorian boi

  • I live in side ur dad's Anus
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is indeed a dead-end job (MacDounalds)
  • I am a Powerful Male Individual

THiS iS yOuR uSeR pAgE. pLeAsE eDiT tHiS pAgE tO tElL tHe CoMmUnItY aBoUt YoUrSeLf!

My favorite pages

  • Add links to my favorite pages on the wiki here? Okay!
  • I normally Liek stories best written in Joestar blood
  • I also like OPM, DBZ, DBS, DB, Sonic, Mayro, Smash Bros., Detective Comics Comics, Marvel Comics, Sponggebob, TF2, Hajime No Ippo, God himself, and others I will likely list later.
  • To a lesser extant there's Rick & Morty, Regular Show, Adventure Time, the Amazing world of Gumball, Steven Universe, and the Antvasima-verse. Also Etcetera because forgetfulness.
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