Hyenlo, b0ss

Hop speaks in third person. Hop is no longer retired from the wiki. Hop is also a space rabbit. HOP IS FOREVER!

"Yeah, I'm responsible these days. It's the price you pay for being successful." - Lando Calrissian

DISCLAIMER: While this account shares the personality and spirit of it, this account on VS Battles is not meant to be related to the Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer ARG. Do not comment about that on this wiki, responses will be ignored, except in chat. That's what the YouTube channel and Hoppism Wiki are for, too.


Current Status

Hop is experiencing lots of stress, and is offline.


Part-TimeStaff Member (Part-Time: 1-2 days a week).

Hop is active staff and discussion moderator. Hop is also in chat often to speak off-topic about things. Hop is grateful to be back. This is Hop's 5th year on the wiki, yeth.

Hop is active about twice a week, but online more often in chat, and in the forums monitoring for civil discussions, threads that are in voting process, or need to be evaluated for rule violations.

Pages Hop Has Made

(Thanks to all who've helped Hop create these pages, and added to them!)

Deus Ex

Adam Jensen

Metro: 2033


The Dark Ones


The Librarians


Jack Cooper


Atlas Titans

Ogre Titans

Stryder Titans

Scorch Titans

Free Technical Help

Hop is certified computer technician & network engineer and is hoppy to assist with some troubles you might face, expecially involving the wiki and optimizing it for your computer. Hop is also an ethical hacker, script editor and security advisor.

Tips: Add an adblocker to your browser, uBlock Origin is a great free extension for Edge, Safari, Firefox & Chrome. Hop suggests defragging your hard drive (or optimizing/trimming your SSD) once every month. Make sure you do all updates before using any programs. Most operating systems and computers will attempt this in the background and this will steal resources from you when you're trying to use it. Maintainence may be different for each device, even within the same make or model. Please contact Hop if you have questions or concerns.

Disclaimer: If you're a Linux user and/or have a PC you built yourself, you should be competent enough to be your own tech support. Look things up, and if you're dire and truly urgent, please leave a message on any of my walls on any wiki I frequent (here, Hoppism, FC/OC & Joke Battles Wikis all apply). 

If your issue is with the wiki in particular, your should go to the Fandom staff and let them know of your issue and have them provide a specific fix.

A Skip and a Hop

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