Just a bloke with an interest in VS Debating and a love for making accurate additions to character pages.

Favorite Verses

Dr Who

my childhood so obviously i'm nostalgic.

DC Comics/Vertigo

With some of the most iconic characters ever it's not surprising i'm fond of this verse.

God Of War

story about an absolute monster at war with the Gods? Sign me up!

Valiant Comics

Easily the best publisher that isn't DC or OG Marvel in my opinion with amazing characters and a willingness to take chances.

Mythology in General

Greek specifically but i love most stories of Gods and Monsters.

Lord Of The Rings

Nothing to say it's just rad.

            Verses I Dislike

God Is Dead

Interesting concept that being all the Old Gods are back but it goes nowhere interesting and eventually just becomes "Who can we make character X fight now?"


Loved this show up until the end of Series 5, the show just deteriorated IMO after that.


Poor management has dogged the company for ages and event fatigue and poor desicions for certain characters have stopped me personally from enjoying these comics.


First game had an amazing concept and was a damn fine game, but two forgot everything that made the first game great and it went downhill from there.

Xmen Film Series

I grew up with the early ones with Mckellen and Stewart but the films really have had a hit and miss record. One day they're on fire with Logan and Deadpool and then we have The Last Stand and Origins the next.

Resident Evil

This series went on far too long imo and began to devolve from an awesome horror experience to another flat action game with Zombies.

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