Hey, welcome to my profile! I'm GyroNutz, or simply Gyro. I'm decently active, so if there's anything you wanna ask/tell me, feel free to drop me a message on my wall. I like vsdebates, so if you want me to drop an argument/vote for any of the verses below, then I'll happily show up. I'm also a moderator now, so if you need my input on anything, I can help out with that. Specifically, if you have any questions about the following verses:

...then I should be able to help you. Alternatively, any help regarding Banjo-Kazooie and the last 4 verses would be appreciated, since their verse pages either don't exist or are looking a bit empty.

I'm also a fan of the following verses:

...but I wouldn't call myself knowledgeable on these verses. Now that you've read through my wall, feel free to drop me a message! I'm online quite a bit so I should usually be able to respond quickly.

An AMV that I made as a tribute to Tai Lung.

Projects for 2019 (any help would be appreciated):

  • Adjust KFP profiles (done)
  • Add a Meat Boy verse page to the site + profiles (3/5 so far)
  • Complete Meat Boy calculations (Needs evaluating)
  • Add a Professor Layton verse page to the site + profiles (3/??? so far)
  • Add a Cave Story verse page to the site + profiles (5/6 so far)
  • Adjust Banjo-Kazooie profiles (CRT coming soon)
  • Make more Banjo-Kazooie profiles (5/??? so far)
  • Overhaul Live a Live profiles (Mostly there)
  • Calculate Jaws' feats + make his profile (Also mostly there)
  • Finish watching the Ace Attorney anime (+ update a Lotta profiles)
  • Fix the Pokemon profiles

Banjo got johned by a plant.

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