My carefree side vs My responsible side in a nutshell. My existence can most likely be summarized in this, this  and the pic.

Now good luck figuring out if I'm serious or not.

" I think I'm paranoid ~

And complicated!"

Love me, hate me.

Kiss me, kill me.

In a way, It's all the same to me, you know?

"To the brave and the petrified, we all fall down.

To the slave and the civilized, we all fall down.

To the lovers we left behind, the bad days, the good nights. In the great shipwreck of life, we all fall down."

- IAMX, "Great Shipwreck of Life"

"Everyone has
A shred of love;
Hate won't achieve
A single thing.
We don't need that anymore...

In the limited time we have,
We'll look for an undiscovered paradise.
And we'll keep walking forever.

Don't look back, keep looking forward.
Until your body rots away,
Keep living, all the way into the future. "
"Thinking hurts
   and thoughts don't rhyme.
   To those of us who've never tried,
   to find a face behind our lipstick smiles...
   And as our pretty faces die, 
   our broken hearts will wonder 'why'
  - The make-up just won't hide the scars of time.

Status: I think I'm finally over it - I'm over "wanting to be right". So many things for me, they might as well be a "maybe". Whether I'm right or wrong, I want to be a person who's able to listen to others, and learn with them. At least that much... Should be easy, right? (October 27, 2017) ONLINE, BUT MOSTLY AWAY. (Feb. 7)

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