aka Adam

  • I live in Great Britain
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Super saiyan blue goku kaio ken x10 aura by rayzorblade189-d9zj3ou

Hi there, my name's Exo, but if you want you can just call me Adam. I'm a really big fan a franchises such as Dragon Ball/Z/Super (maybe not GT), Star Wars and Avatar:TLA/TLOK. I'll be somewhat active on the site and I'll comment on threads that relate to those franchises. I'm particularly knowledgeable on the former two.

I'm also an Admin of FC/OC Battles Wiki and if you have any issues there please message me on that site. I also have a account of the same name that you can use if you want to ask me anything.

Status: Semi-active

Franchises I support

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