I’m just a guy who loves to talk. I’m ElixirBlue!

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ElixirBlue (OC)

Hello! The profile is explaining an (unfinished) OC of mine on the wiki! It’d be interesting to see how I stack up to other OC’s here.


Summary: I am a humanoid Large Planet in the Valley of Cray region of space. I usually am in my comfortable, blue planet self, spinning so my life can get their sun. They tickle me when they get really angry at each other, but I don’t mind.

My surface is filled with bubbles and water. Ten or so million years ago, I don’t remember, for fun, I started pulling in the thing called “air, underneath my water. After a million years, I started getting tired of it. But when I stopped, I heard a rumbling beneath my water (which I later found out were screams), I began to pull the air back into me to calm the rumbling. It worked, however, I would not realize this was life till I felt rumblings in me after 8 million years later.

I began to move my water that I haven’t done since I was born and felt their limbs. Such interesting shapes and they were very tough like my rocks.

So small... I wonder what it would be like being their size?

1 millions later, as I spent my time analyzing my life. There wasn’t one shape or size living in my bubbles but millions. They are so interesting. Some of these life forms even give birth in my water, which I would never have realized before since I wouldn’t have been paying attention otherwise.

Then, an idea came to me. Why not try to imitate the life in me?

In the middle of space, I concentrated on my big, beautiful size and began folding in the atom on top of each other, squeezing them so they can be force to enter a mirco realm, unique to me (and my species). I grew smaller.

As I grew smaller to fit my life forms size, I moved the atoms I didn’t need into my micro realm while I shifted them around to alter my shrinking form. There were a lot of life I could choose from as they all seemed interesting to me. However, I choose the species of life in my water the altered me heavily the most (but nothing too noticeable if I wasn’t playing attention). I turned my round, spherical shape to have a round sphere connecting to a rectangle that sprouted out four long objects. It’s a weird shape for me. “Moving” my body other than turn is completely strange.

And my life? Nothing to worry about. I moved my water on top of the sphere where I keep the eyes to mimic my life. They shrank with me when I was moving all the atoms to my micro realm.

They seemed confused. Maybe they noticed I changed my form? No matter, little life. I’ll keep you safe as it seems that my life are very fragile.

I think i’ll visit the other planets and tell them about my experiments. We haven’t seen each other since the birth of this multiverse. Perhaps I should let the other me’s know too.

Oh hush, Sun. Garbed. I’ll keep the life warm with my internal energy. (The stats will continue later.)

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