• I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is student
  • I am a girl
Run mami !

❉ Hey there ❉

♣You can call me Elione, Arisu, Alice, Smolice, Lolice, Smo or Eli, but don't call me Ari or the worst of all, Arius. Just no.

♣I can render pics, but I mostly render anime styled and cartoony pics, if you show me a 3D model/real pic it has to be high quality.

♣ I have a very important exam this year so I will be really active during weekends and vacations only.

IMG 1886
IMG 5119
IMG 5121
IMG 5120
IMG 5969

You're gonna steal 'em download them right ?


Madoka Magica

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