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"This archive is mainly centered around a period of time (which is a term that doesn’t really make sense with the way time often works) in which the Abyss Walkers tried in mass to destroy creation."

Deluge of the Abyss is a web serial universe centered around the experiences of mortals alive during the first time that Abyss Walkers ever tried to destroy all of creation in mass.

The current and only story within the verse, Battle is an Art, follows the trials of Herah and Co. as they attempt to survive a series of trials crafted by their Maker, Norwe, while also entertaining him in the hopes of not having their universe destroyed.

Power of the Verse

With only a single ongoing serial as of now, this verse is surprisingly powerful. The mortals of the verse have on their own can range from building level and up to solar system level with pure destructive output. And thanks to the cosmology and a power known as Presence, these very same mortals and the top tiers can reach up to Higher Outerversal levels of power. This only stacked upon once hax comes into the equation being that there is an entire species that has Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 Immortality and High-Godly Regeneration. The main cast of the current story each possesses their own powerful hax, ranging from Existence Erasure powerful enough to erase things down to the very concept and non-existent things, Reality Warping that only requires a word to get a variety of effects, passive and active Law Manipulation that neutralizes this reality warping and also only needs words to get a variety of effects, and up to Causality Manipulation that allows things to be linked together and share conditions like voodoo dolls. Not to mention the top tops of the verse, Maker's and Abyss Walkers, one powerful enough to create High Outerversal Strucutures while the other seeks to destroy them.


Deluge of the Abyss is a setting in which of all creation (existence and non-existence) is stored within something known as the Iie or Omni-Slate, which has a reflection known as the IiE or Abyss. The Abyss, as a direct contradiction to the Omni-Slate, is where creation is unmade. Both of these structures are equal in size and both serve as the very top layer of what is known as the AE, or the entirety of the Beginning and the End.

The Iie is composed of an infinite amount of endless "spaces" known as iI or Slates. These structures as previously mentioned are endless, and upon a collection of structures can sit.

These structures can be: aUs, AUs, or aEs; also known as: Universes, Timecubes, or Multiverses. Each one of these structures can and often are filled with uncountably infinite amounts of another structure.

aEs are filled with AUs.

AUs are filled with aUs.

And aUs are filled with uAs, or Realities.

Each of these structures are infinitely larger than what fills them, with aUs speficially being considered so large that no matter how many or how large the uAs added up and stacked upon one another, they’ll never be able to reach the size of an aU.

And finally we reach the last and smallest bit of all these structures: uas. Much like how aU are inaccessible for uA, uA are inaccesible for ua.

And another name for an ua is Dimension, with the more common name being universe.

And that universe is infinitely smaller than everything above it.

Check here for a more comprehensive covering of how the setting is structured and what tiers these structures would reach within our tiering system







Battle is an Art

  • Herah
  • Alex
  • Max
  • Owen Vulcan
  • Norwe
  • Orange
  • String
  • Moon


  • Jeffery
Deluge Herah.png
Are you done? Because the only one of us who looks hurt here is you. And that’s just sad
~ Herah to Rose


Herah is one of the unwilling gifted participants in the latest Recompense hosted by her Maker, Norwe. She is from a race called the Cendreux, and is a part of the minority of her species that still worships their goddess La Flamme. She shows her worship through her art, her great skill for the subject being a natural offshoot of her gift and seeks to one day create weapons for the planet-conquering Nettoyant that she idolizes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-A physically, Low 7-C with Gasshbenirium Armor, High 6-C via fire, Varies from 8-A to 4-B with Jeffery, up to High 1-A with Jeffery's oE Amping | At least 8-A physically, Low 7-C with Gasshbenirium Armor, High 6-C via fire, Varies from 8-A to 4-B with Jeffery, up to High 1-A with Jeffery's oE Amping

Name: Herah War Hej

Origin: Deluge of the Abyss

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Classification: Gifted, Cendruex

Powers and Abilities:

Absorption (Can absorb Jeffery's Presence and use it as fuel for her flame) and via Flame Heart and Gasshbenerium armor (Energy Absorption), Accelerated Development (Passive, as Cendreux grow older they grow stronger both physically and in their flame without any extra effort) Limited Air Manipulation (Can create blast of air through swinging her wings towards her opponents), Aura (Explosive/Elemental, Can cloak herself in her flames), Berserk Mode (Will fly into a rage whenever she feels her loyalty towards La Flamme is questioned, her goddess is insulted, or a loved one is threatened), Body Control (Advanced Control, she can force her body to use its max strength and her mind to speed up in its reaction capabilities, deaden nerves, and manipulate her own rate of regeneration), Breath Attack, Limited Conceptual Manipulation, Durability Negation Existence and Nonexistence Erasure, Non-Physical Interaction, Limited Space-Time Manipulation via Violet Fire, Danmaku via Fire Heart, Enhanced Senses (Is able to view someone or something down to the subatomic level. Can smell distinct scents within a ten-kilometer radius, hearing and sight are sharp enough to distinguish a whirring minigun barrel from two km away), Fire Manipulation via Fire Heart, Flight via wings, Limited Heat Manipulation via Fire Heart, Homing Attack via Fire Heart, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 4 & 8. In order to properly kill Herah, the flame in her chest must be snuffed out after exhausting its strength), Information Analysis via Enhanced Senses (Through combining her heightened senses, Herah can determine one's current physical condition, emotional state, and physical habits), Magic (Her fire and body are covered in magic), Limited Magma Manipulation (Her body naturally produces magma that she is able to lactate), Master Spearwoman, Natural Weaponry via claws and teeth, Portal Creation via Backpack, Regeneration (High Godly, came back from having every remnant of herself erased, including her concept. Will lower as the strength of her flame weakens), Resurrection via Fire Heart, Skilled Hand to Hand fighter, Statistics Amplification via Gassbennirum Armor (Make's her physically two times stronger and faster), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Limited Telepathy (Can communicate mentally with Jeffery), Limited Teleportation via Violet Flame, Transmutation via Traduire and Gasshbenirium armor, Resistance to Death Manipulation (Burnt away the death that Max was inducing into her), Fire Manipulation (Is unaffected by Rose's fire and her own), Heat Manipulation (Is completely unaffected by being submerged in lava or having it within her body), Limited Mind Manipulation (Could heal her her mind after having it shattered), Pain Manipulation via Renaissance à son Sommet, and Void Manipulation (Was able to overcome the effects of the void she had been pulled into) via Presence| All previous abilities, Supernatural Willpower (After having it unlocked by Jacob, possess a will strong enough to maintain her will to live and reinvigorate the strength of her flame after having nearly all of said will drained . Can now easily push through the pain caused by having her body covered in trillions of cuts, while also producing more and more will while having it drained), Unconventional Resistance Willpower Drain (Can reactively produce more will as she loses it)

Passive BFR and Existence Erasure via Cendre Ring, Blood Manipulation via Arc, Self Body Puppetry and Instinctive Reaction via Mon Marionnettiste, Duplication and Self Statistics Reduction via Orb of Schízon, Explosion Manipulation and Instinctive Reaction via Chained Hands, Extrasensory Perception via Eye and Eyepatch, Healing via Cendre Skull, Light Manipulation via Light Rod, Limited Portal Creation via Bedroom Mirror, Limited Reactive Power Level and Enhanced Sight/Hearing via Goggles, Weapon Creation (Made Jeffery and Light Rod) and likely more (Herah's gift is said to be capable of making anything with no limitations on what can be made)

All previous abilities and Aura via Presence (Jeffery's Presence surrounds Herah entire form), Blessed (Jeffery's is granting her his powers), Cosmic Awareness via oE, Dimensional Travel (Through simply piercing space and time, Jeffery can hop from Universe to Universe), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation via oE, Existence and Nonexistence Erasure vis Jeffery's eraser (Jeffery's eraser is capable of erasing whatever it runs over, including Norwe, a non-existent being), Information Analysis via eE, Non-Physical Interaction via Presence (Can harm Norwe with her attacks), Power Bestowal (Can give Jeffery's presence to others), Power Null (Can negate the effects of Norwe's Presence), Statistics Amplification via oE (Speed, Strength, and possibly Durability), Limited Telekinesis (Can control Jeffery's body with her mind when he grants it to her) Resistance to Resistance to Aura (Overwhelming), Chaos Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2), Mind Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Power Modification, Power Nullification, Regeneration Negation (High Godly), Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation and Transmutation via OE (Is now no longer affected by the Presence of Norwe, which causes all of these effects)

Attack Potency: At least Multi-City Block level+ physically (Could match Moon, who could smash her through a wall of diamond in their first fight), Small Town level with Gasshebenirium Armor (When wearing her Gasshbenirium armor, Herah is able to succeed her previous body limits by two times), Large Island level via Fire Heart (Herah reduced a large amount of forest and more to ash), Varies from at least Multi-City Block level+ up to Solar System level  with Jeffery (Jeffery destroyed a neutron star), up to High Outerverse level with Jeffery's oE Amping(Herah Destroyed Norwe's hand with a single strike), ignores durability with Eraser and Violet Fire | At least Multi-City Block level+ physically, Small Town level with Gasshebenirium Armor, Large Island level via Fire Heart, Varies from at least Multi-City Block level+ up to Solar System level  with Jeffery, up to High Outerverse level with Jeffery's oE Amping

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Managed to dash across a large distance to "disarm" a priest), higher with Gasshbenirium Armor (When wearing the armor, Herah is able to succeed her previous body limits by two times), Varies from Massively Hypersonic to Massively FTL+ ( Able to thrust a Jeffery faster than light can cross a Planck length), possibly up to Immeasurable with Jeffery's oE Amping (Jeffery by themselves can attack at a speed beyond linear time and crack Norwe's aE, a High 1-A structure, in an instant) | Massively Hypersonic, higher with Gasshbenerium Armor, Varies from Massively Hypersonic to Massively FTL+ , possibly up to Immeasurable with Jeffery's oE Amping

Lifting Strength: At least Class K (Was able to lift her own body after her weight became 464800 pounds), likely Class M (Said that she could lift over 500,000 tons, and Alex (who can tell when someone is lying or not) didn't detect any signs of lying), higher with Gasshbenirium Armor | At least Class K, likely Class M, higher with Gasshbenerium Armor

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Class+ physically, Large Island Class with Fire Heart (Her fire can also generate physical force), Varies from Multi-City Block Class+ to Solar System Class with Jeffery, up to High Outerversal with Jeffery's oE | Multi-City Block Class+ physically, Large Island Class with Fire Heart, Varies from Multi-City Block Class+ to Solar System Class with Jeffery, up to High Outerversal with Jeffery's oE

Durability: Multi-City Block level+ (Tanked Moon smashing her through a wall of diamonds), Small Town level, possibly higher with Gasshbenirium Armor (Moon was unable to damage Herah or the armor while she was in it, though said armor was also absorbing most of the force of Moon's blows), At least Large Island level, likely higher against Heat (Was unharmed by the heat of Rose's flames, a Cendreux who should have fire greater in strength than her own), possibly High Outerverse level with Jeffery's oE Amping (Is using Jeffery's Presence to amplify herself. Presence has been shown to enhance durability) | Multi-City Block level+, Small Town level, possibly higher with Gasshbenirium Armor, Large Island level, likely higher against Heat, High Outerverse level with Jeffery's oE Amping

Stamina: Extremely High (Has had her head caved in, arms destroyed, and her intestines torn out and was still able to get back up and fight with seemingly no issue. Even after having all her limbs cut off and destroyed, Herah stood relatively fine. Jeffery can also reinvigorate her flame, restoring her stamina to full strength. How many times this can be done is unknown)

Range: Standard Melee range. Tens of Kilometers with fire. Range Varies from Extended Melee range up to High Outerversal with Jeffery

  • Jeffery: Jeffery is a giant sentient pencil of Herah's own creation, with an orange coat and permanently sharp tip. He can fly and float on his own, be used as a conduit for Herah's gift, and erase things with his eraser. Jeffery is also Herah's main means of accession Presence, with the pencil itself holding the ability to use this power to amp strength, speed, and durability, nullify the powers of others, and interact with non-existent things.
  • Backpack: A simple looking bookbag that serves as a portal to Herah's room.
  • Sketchpad and *Writing utensils: A sketchpad and a collection of numerous writing utensils ranging from pencils to paintbrushes.
  • GAS bracelet: A gift from Owen, the GAS bracelet is an iron bracelet with an amber gem embedded into it. When the crystal on the bracelet is broken, Herah's Gasshebenirium Armor comes out and engulfs her body.
    • Gasshbenirium armor: A black latex-like armor that absorbs energy and converts it into fire for Herah to consume. Will also force her body to exceed its previous limits by two times when the trigger phrase, Farande Woverak, is said.

  • Arc: Using her blood and the ground, Herah made a red arc which shattered on impact and she then reformed into a ball of red.
  • Cendre Skull: Using Jeffery and a wall, Herah made a shiny red-scaled dragon head about the size of a hand with a pink tongue. It can shoot out green magma which fixed Owen's brittle bones, sudden weight loss, and muscle degradation.
  • Cendre Ring: Using a pencil and her sketchbook, Herah made a ring-sized dragon of jade that will suck people into it and then flay them from existence as soon as they take a threatening action.
  • Chained Hands: Using her own blood and Max's body as her media, Herah created a chain with six red hands hanging on it in pairs. Each one will crawl up onto Herah then sink into her skin, only appearing again once she's attacked, fist-bumping the attack before exploding.
  • Eye and Eyepatch: Using a pencil and her sketchbook, Herah made a black eyepatch with a white flame symbol on it and a grainy grey orb. When secured over one of her eyes, Herah can use the grey orb as its own free-floating drone to observe the large swaths of area.
  • Goggles: Using her blood and Max's body, Herah made a pair of red goggles that allow the wearer to think and see as fast as the fastest thing in their view. She also made other lenses for these goggles which allow the user to see through two miles of earth and hear what the user was looking at without issue.
  • Light Rod: Using a pencil and her sketchbook, Herah made a short rod with intricate designs covering it and a lantern at its head, it can shoot out a single laser before breaking.
  • Mon Marionnettiste: An invisible, ethereal hand which controls Herah's body through invisible strings of fire connected to her every joint. When unconscious, it will move Herah's body to both avoid and counter any attacks to come at her.
  • Orb of Schízon: An orb of glass that creates large amounts of Herah clones, though the clones created are weaker and slower than the original.

  • Intelligence: Gifted. Is an expert in the field of artistic study and able to come up with inventive and effective battle tactics with little time to actually prepare. Uses her gift and powers in effective and sometimes unconventional ways. Capable of figuring out the weaknesses and strengths of her opponent's abilities with only little observation.

    Weaknesses: Is exceedingly arrogant to the point that she well take hits to prove a point and is quick to anger. Has sensitive nerves covering her entire torso, back, and bottom half of her face. Even if deactivated, sudden shocks can cause her nerves to switch back on and for any pain that should've been felt before to be felt all at once. Her smelling and hearing are susceptible to strong odors and loud noises. Use of Traduire turns parts of Herah into paint, the amount varying depending on the artistic unity of her materials, the scale of what the creation can impact, and the number of uses that can be gotten out of it. Her short temper makers her easy to goad into using her more powerful moves even when it might put her at a disadvantage. Healing and using her fire takes away from the strength of her flame. Use of Violet fire quickly depletes the strength of her flame, with only four blast possible at max strength of flame, leading to weaker and slower regen and weaker attacks so the technique is more often then not a last resort. She is unable to keep up with her own max speed normally without entering Renaissance à son Sommet. Once her armor is destroyed or she exits it, she will collapse due to overstraining of the body. Jeffery is finicky and unwilling to contribute to do more than allow Herah to control him during a fight unless she is unable to handle the situation on her own. If Herah is in control, Jeffery is only able to go as fast as Herah can perceive, though Jeffery may amp her if they see fit.

    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    • Fire Heart: Within Herah's chest, in a pocket next to her sits a flame which is both her lifeline and weapon. With this fire, she can breathe flames and even secrete it from the pores of her skin to cloak herself within it. Herah can also choose to have the heat of the flames either burn or not burn those it touches. Her fire follows the idea of blue shift, being that red is the coolest and Indigo is the hottest, with said flames reaching a temperature of up to 210,000 kelvin at their hottest. Doing all of the below drains the strength of her fire with the ingestion of metal, meat, or other flames normally being the only ways for her to rejuvenate the fire.
      • Fireballs: One of her most common forms of attacks, Herah can breathe out fireballs of varying sizes that have ranged from that of pebbles and up to boulders as large as clearings. In addition, she can fire large amounts of these fireballs at once, no matter the size, once even managing to blanket over 50 kilometers. These balls of fires can even be made to seek out opponents.
      • Fire Constructs: Any fire she breathes out can be controlled and shaped into physical constructs, most often hands and claws. These physical constructs have also been shown to exert physical force, such as in pushing away foes or grabbing onto them.
      • Rebirth: After death, a Cendruex's body turns to ash and they are then reborn as a baby from the ashes.
      • Regeneration: Through her flames burning away at the damage she suffers, Herah can restore her body as long as her flame has strength. Even if the flame itself is erased alongside her physical body, soul, and the very idea of her throughout all of time, as long as it was strong enough before disappearing, she will regenerate back into her full form. Regeneration isn't indefinite however, repeated uses without feeding her flame will cause it to weaken and grow less effective.
      • Violet Fire: Unlike all of Herah's other fire colors, this flame burns all without bias only ignoring Herah herself as it turns all else it touches into ash and then destroys that ash. Things like time, space, and even voids are no exception to this rule. With presence enhancing it, the fire burns down to the very concept of a thing. Can be manifested in a fiery cloak, that sucks all surrounding, space, time, and matter into it. By dispersing the violet fire that surrounds her, Herah is teleported to the middle point between whatever her flames ended and herself. Can only make four blast when her flame is at max or near max strength before becoming too weak to do any more, and the weaker her flame the fewer blast available to her.
    • Gift:Traduire: This allows Herah to use anything as a base and/or media to create artwork. Once completed, she can then turn this art into what it depicts, like turning a drawing of a window into an actual window. Depending on the artistic unity of her materials, the scale of what the creation can impact, and the number of uses that can be gotten out of it, Herah will lose some part of her physical self and have it transformed into paint. The higher the artistic unity between the materials used the lower the natural cost of her creation.
    • Presence: A strange and mysterious power that comes when using her violet flame or when given by Jeffery as a red, sketchy, and flame-like aura, the power has several applications:
    • Renaissance à son Sommet: When Herah enters this state her body is pushed to its absolute limits allowing her to reaction speed to match her bodies speed while her nerves are dulled to the point that what would normally cause her pain is merely a mild tingle. This state lasts for five minutes

    Key: Act 1 | End of Act 1


    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:


    A giant sentient floating pencil (6,4) that is wielded by the Cendreux Herah. Their past isn't well known, but it's clear that they were created by Herah, and that they have traveled the multiverse doing whatever they want. At some point, Jeffery encountered the Maker of their creator, Norwe, and seems to have battled them.

    Powers and Stats

    Tier: Varies from 8-A to 4-B, up to High 1-A with oE Amping

    Name: Jeffery

    Origin: Deluge of the Abyss

    Age: Over 300 hundred years

    Classification: Pencil

    Wielders: Herah

    Powers and Abilities: Aura via Presence, Existence and Nonexistence Erasure via Eraser (Jeffery's eraser is capable of erasing what it runs over, including non-existent beings like Norwe), Flight, Cosmic Awareness via oE, Dimensional Travel (Through simply piercing space and time, Jeffery can hop from Universe to Universe), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation via oE (Can fix Norwe's aE after cracking it), Information Analysis via eE, Inorganic Physiology, Invulnerability (Due to the nature of their creation, Jeffery is impossible to break through any conventional means), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with Norwe), Paralysis Inducement via oE (Can freeze Herah's body in place with their presence), Power Bestowal (Can give other's their Presence), Power Nullification via OE and oE (Able to stop Norwe's Presence from affecting Herah and reverse it's effects as well, and can negate the power of Alex's Enlightenment), Statistics Amplification via oE (Speed, Strength, and Durability), Telepathy (Can communicate with Herah through images and memories, though Herah can respond with the same and words) and via oE, Resistance to Aura (Overwhelming), Chaos Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2 and 3), Mind Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Power Modification, Power Nullification, Regeneration Negation (High Godly), Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, and Transmutation via OE (Is not affected by the Presence of Norwe while within it which causes all of these effects and can use Presence to protect against the madness that comes from viewing the thoughts of Norwe), Conceptual Destruction, Durability NegationExistence Erasure (Can survive Herah's Violet Flames with no damage), Madness Manipulation (Type 3, partly due to their unconventional mind, Jeffery can comprehend Norwe's thoughts without going insane), Void Manipulation (Can travel through the void that surrounds the universes without trouble)

    Attack Potency: Varies from Multi-City Block level+ (Can harm Herah) up to Solar System level (Jeffery destroyed a neutron star), up to High Outerverse level with oE (Cracked the entirety of Norwe's aE, would've destroyed it if not for the Maker canceling out most of the attack, this same attack managed to also crack a portion of the iI both of which are High 1-A structures)

    Speed: Massively FTL+(Able to move quicker than light can move a Planck length and get from the end of the universe to Herah within a second or less), up to Immeasurable with oE Amping (Can attack at a speed beyond linear time and search the entirety of Norwe's aE within an instant)

    Durability: Varies,  At least Solar System level in base, up to High Outerverse level with oE Amping (Withstood an attack from Norwe which could destroy five sets of infinite AUi and survived their own attack that cracked Norwe's aE with no damage)

    Range: Extended melee range by themselves, up to High Outerversal with Presence (Can spread his Presence throughout the entirety of Norwe's aE, a High 1-A structure with multiple High 1-A structures within it and even reach up to the iI which is outside of it)

    Weaknesses: None notable


    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    I am known by many names. God. Yahweh. Monitor-Over-All. Presence-Above-Others. All-Mighty. Maker. Bois D’allumage by your people. But the name I gave myself, my personal favorite, is what you shall call me. Call me Norwe, and who am I? The creator of your universe, that's who.
    ~ Norwe to Herah


    Norwe is the main antagonist for Battle is an Art, being both the Maker of Herah and the creator of the Recompense. His motives appear to be that of him just having fun, though a secret task from his sibling War also has him scoping out his participants to see who might just replace her.

    Powers and Stats

    Tier: High 1-A

    Name: Norwe

    Origin: Deluge of the Abyss

    Gender: Genderless, referred to as male by most characters

    Age: Unknown

    Classification: Maker

    Powers and Abilities: Absorption (Biological and Energy, can reduce things down to Presence and then absorb them) Aura (Norwe utilizes a mysterious power known only as Presence which he can manifest as an overwhelming Aura capable of paralyzing and even sending those who suffers its effects into unconsciousness), BFR (Capable of manifesting black mass that suck up and displaces whoever encounters them), Black Hole Creation, Chaos Manipulation (As the creator of chaos, Norwe is capable of manifesting it when using his presence, causing a myriad of effects),  Conceptual Manipulation (Can layer himself with logics aka concepts in order to be seen and interacted with by those who can't naturally interact with him), Creation, Dimensional Travel, Emotion Sensing, Existence Erasure (With a thought, can erase people from existence to the point that not even memories exist), Damage Reduction (Nullified most of the attack that Jeffery used to damage his Sandbox), Fear Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can create and control his aE, a structure which contains an infinte amount of higher dimensions and realties that reside over the third dimension), Power Bestowal (Gives out gifts), Madness Manipulation (Type 2 and 3, Could drive Max insane with his Presence and viewing his thoughts can cause people to go insane), Mind Manipulation (Can shatter mental links, restore intelligence, and compel people to obey him against their own will), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2, Doesn't exist nor does he not exist and is composed of some less than non-existent material known as Norweness), Power Modification (Can cause gifts to go out of control),  Power Nullification (Can nullify the effects of his gifteds' gifts and Jeffery's Presence), Teleportation, Shapeshifting (Can configure himself into objects, animals, and other humanoid races), Reality Warping (Can warp reality just by releasing his Presence), Regeneration (High-Godly, regenerated their head after having it erased by Jeffery), Regeneration and Immortality Negation (Up to High-Godly and Type 8 and 4, Cut Herah on her face with the wound failing to heal, and killed Ecarlate, which as a Cendruex, should have comparable regeneration and the same immortalities as their mother without the baby being reborn), Resurrection (Can resurrect others), Spatial Manipulation (Can adjust and distort space, so as to increate distance, shorten distance, do both at the same time, or keep it in constant flux), Subjective Reality (With a thought can turn real things into an idea and can also turn ideas into real things), Telepathy, Time Manipulation (Can slow, speed up, or loop the flow of time, make timeflow erratic and incomprehensible), Transmutation (His power has been shown to randomly transform what it washes over), Weather Manipulation, Resistance to Power Nullification (Resisted Jeffery nullifying their power 9000 times, each one more powerful than the next)

    Attack Potency: High Outerverse level (Casually recreated five AUs, or Timecubes, which are filled with an infinte amount of AUi's or timelines, each one filled with an infinite number of aUs also replicated the same strike that destroyed the AUs. Could also destroy and recreate three aUs, each one a structure that is inaccessible and infinitely larger than uncountably infinite uAs or realities combined, which are in turn, each inaccessible and infinitely larger than uncountably infinite uas or dimensions combined. Jeffery considers him stronger than themselves)

    Speed: Omnipresent within his own multiverse, Massively FTL+ outside of them (Dodged Herah's Jeffery amped attack)

    Lifting Strength: Irrelevant (Could hold their aE within their arms and move it around)

    Striking Strength: High Outerversal (Could match Jeffery's strike with their own)

    Durability: High Outerverse level (Survived a strike that destroyed five sets of infinite timelines and wasn't hurt by Jeffery's cracking of his aE and the iI)

    Stamina: Unknown

    Range: High Outerversal

    Standard Equipment: None notable

    Intelligence: Omniscient in his own multiverse, Unknown outside of it

    Weaknesses: None notable


    Go here for a more extensive covering of how Norwe places in High 1-A and to what extent. Below is just a brief explanation to understand why they're at least baseline High 1-A.

    Starting from uas or dimensions, these are time-spaces most similar to our own real world universe, with themselves being defined by their dimensional axis. Within the setting of Deluge of the Abyss, Norwe has created several sets of uncountably infinte dimensions. These sets are organized into stacks, with each stack being structured so that the dimension below are always smaller than the dimension above. Each stack also has two types of dimensions, whole number uas and integer uas. Whole number uas are dimensions with a whole number as their number of axis, 1st, -2nd, 3rd dimensions for example. These dimensions normally have a finite size. Integer uas are uas which have integers as their number of axis, 1.2, 2.82, -3.99 for example. These dimensions are normally infinte in size, though still follow the rule of the dimensions below being smaller than the ones above.

    All of these dimensions combined equal out to be a Low Outerversal structure or Low 1-A.

    uAs or realities are time-spaces in which one can not only contain all of these aus, but are so large to the point that they can't be reached through stacking greater and greater infinites atop of one another. Within Deluge of the Abyss, these realities are stacked atop one another just like the dimensions. And just like the dimensions, these realities are organized so that those below are smaller than the ones above.

    A single reality is an Outerversal structure or 1-A while all in stack could reach up to possibly Outerversal+ or 1-A+.

    Finally, there are aUs or Universes. These time-spaces are considered inaccessible in the same degree as realities are to dimensions.

    A single universe should be High Outerversal or High 1-A.


    Notable Victories:

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