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Hey! Nice of you to drop by. While you're here I might as well tell you a little about myself and what I got going on.

I'm no one special, just someone who likes to browse this site here for cool new stories to check out, whether it be manga, books, games, or shows. But enough about me, let's talk about what I like and dislike on here:

Deluge of the Abyss: The verse I brought here and hope to get more supporters for. Not my favorite on the site, but I am most committed to keeping this one accurate and proper. As the sole active knowledgeable member and supporter, I like to think that I'm the best person to come to if you have any questions on it. And if you want to know my general impressions about the verse itself, it's alright. It's got like one running story that gets updates like twice a year (the writer is a slow one), and I think it wants to tackle some big topics. It's a bit crass and blunt, with a poorly done romance but it's got some good action, interesting protagonist to say the least, and some intriguing lore going on behind the series. It's online for free, just check out my blog for it here if you need a link.

Jujutsu Kaisen: A newer verse on the site, but one of my favorite modern running shonens, probably my favorite. I love the art style and the story it's trying to tell and can't wait to see what's in store next. I hope to help make some more profiles for the verse and maybe even an explanation blog for the magic system. As for a more in-depth general impressions of the verse: Top-notch art (I really, really like how the hands are drawn), lovely fights, my current favorite magic system, and some characters that just touch my heart. The anime dropped recently and it's something I recommend wholeheartedly if you find yourself having a hard time getting your hands on the manga.

Black Clover: A verse I've probably most actively supported more than any other, Black Clover is what I like to think of the newest Fairy Tail. It's got critics that take a lot issues with it, but underneath all of that, it's a really solid series with some of the most lovable characters around. I got into it through the anime (it was a free summer) and I've been following through the manga since right before the Elves Invasion arc. I like to think I'm one of the more knowledgeable members of the verse on the site, so if you got any questions about it, ask me and I'm sure I'll have an answer. General impression of the verse: It's got a lot of heart to it, while definitely a very direct series, it's one unapologetic about its directness which is something I respect and admire. It's got my favorite shonen protag, some honestly stunning fights, and a story that reminds me of all the fantasy I wish I could read.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: A verse that I don't really care to follow it on the site, but I do keep track of in general is Jojo. While it's not the most bizarre thing out there, I do think it's a manga that first and foremost knows how to just do whatever the hell it wants. And I admire that more than anything else. My favorite part is 7, favorite jojo Johnny, favorite jo-bro Gyro, favorite stand Tusk, and favorite villian Pucci. It's a series that's got by far some of the just generally enjoyable story telling to me and a very interesting art style. It doesn't fit everyones taste, but if you think you might like then please do check it out.

The Tapestry: A little known book series that I plan to start making profiles for soon enough. It's something I grew up with and while I've been unable to read the last book (due to it being an ebook exclusive one) I still think it's probably one of my fondest childhood series. It's also brewed my interest in irish mythology, especially of the likes of Cú Chulainn. General impressions, a solid book series with probably one of the more interesting plots I've ever read, even now much older then when I had first started. I recommend this a lot to anyone whose interested in the magical school genre with a bit more a twist to it.

Riordanverse: The book series that got me into reading in the first place, the Riordian verse holds a special place in my heart. While I've fallen out of reading the later series due to just life, I can say that Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, and the Kane Chronicles are the books I've had the most fun reading and I can't wait to set aside some time to jump back into the universe. General impression: Best teenage to YA fiction around. Fun and humane characters, with stories I can never anticipate and just generally enjoyable experiences.

The God of High School: A manwha I checked out on a limb and one that ended up way better than I ever anticipated, God of Highschool (And whoever forced the page to have The in it can go to hell) is to me is a story I can't recommend enough for others to check out. A story that combines both hype and heart masterfully (in my opinion), it's one with a theme I love and fights that I remember even months after reading them. It's got one of my favorite cast of characters in fiction, the second most engaging story I've read in a visual medium so far, and it knows how to show scale when it gets big. This one is also free, so just head over to webtoons and binge it if you got even a mild interest in it.

{More to be added later}